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Loyaltyworks Business Incentive Reward Programs Increase Sales, Promote Customer Loyalty And Drive Employee Motivation.

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Increase-Sales   Increase sales
Customer-Loyalty---Retention   Improve customer retention and promote customer loyalty
Grow-Market-Share   Grow market share
Employee-Motivation   Drive employee motivation
Inspire-Performance   Inspire performance
Promote-Recognition   Promote employee recognition
Brand-Loyalty   Increase brand loyalty
Employee-Engagement.(v2)   Drive employee engagement
Training   Improve sales techniques and provide sales training
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Our business incentive reward programs require no IT on your part, and are designed so that you can choose from a growing list of 15 optional plug and play modules. Our unique reward program technology allows you to tailor your company incentive programs to your corporate objectives and to your audiences. The online reward platform is the most advanced, easy to use system in the incentive industry. Yet set up time, hassles and costs are a fraction of what you get from the traditional “legacy” offerings. Loyaltyworks’ reward program technology is fully scalable for clients with 50 employees in a single location, up to thousands of employees around the world. Our goal is to ensure your company incentive programs are set up effectively within weeks, with minimal upfront investment, and produce the ROI for which you are looking.

Case Study Examples

35 Years. Over 3 Million Participants. Millions Of Rewards. Operational In Over 50 Countries.

Loyaltyworks business incentive reward programs increase sales, promote customer loyalty and drive employee motivation. We offer industry-specific programs that can be operational in just weeks and are accessible from any computer or smartphone anytime and anywhere.

Sales Incentive Programs

Create a sales incentive program that works. Train, recognize and reward your sales force with the most advanced sales incentive reward platform. Loyaltyworks’ offers the industry’s largest online rewards mall, featuring over 15 million items plus event tickets and a real time travel booking engine.

Employee Recognition

Looking for a way to motivate employees? Boost employee motivation and employee engagement, and create employee recognition, by giving your employees what they enjoy – an online, social media style platform to interact with and recognize their peers positive behaviors. Managers can also recognize tenure and issue on the spot rewards.

Customer Loyalty

Turn customers into repeat customers. Reward customer loyalty with a customer incentive program. Call us and we will show you how easy it is to promote and survey your clients and reward them for selling your products.

Channel Incentive Programs

Motivate distributors to push your products with a channel incentive program. Create a distributor sales incentive program that will promote, train, track and reward multiple sales incentives with unique promotions, rules, language and rewards.

International Incentives

Motivate employees around the globe. Now you can manage your multiple loyalty programs around the globe with a single incentive industry provider – Loyaltyworks. Your reward programs will each have unique branding, training, rules, rewards and languages. With an international incentive program operated by Loyaltyworks, you can tailor promotions and rewards to specific markets with the click of a mouse.

Health and Wellness

How do you set up a corporate health and wellness reward program? Create a healthy ROI by launching a corporate health and wellness reward program and promoting your health and wellness objectives with a social media recognition tool and the industry’s best reward options. Choose from prepaid visa gift cards, 155+ retail gift cards or over 15 million reward items.

Safety Programs

Reward safe behaviors in the workplace. Communicate, recognize and reward positive safety habits with the world’s best online safety incentive reward management tool, which has an easy-to-use user interface with “on the spot” reward options. Choose from prepaid gift cards or the industrys largest online gift mall.

Value Added Reseller

Motivate VAR’s to sell your product. Motivate your sales channels and gain VAR mind share by harnessing the power of the most advanced online incentive reward platform in the industry. Our incentive programs host market specific tutorials, surveys and automate sales claims.

Building Your Incentive Program is Easy!

Our online reward and employee recognition platform makes creating your own incentive program simple. Our business incentive programs are fully customizable, include your corporate branding, and contain unique module applications designed to help you meet your corporate goals and objectives. Our incentive marketing platform is fully scalable for clients with 50 employees in a single location, up to thousands of employees in over 50 countries around the world. Your account manager will guide you to ensure your incentive program is set up effectively within weeks, with minimal upfront investment and virtually no I.T. involvement, and will be with you for the lifetime of your program.

Incentive News Blog

In 30+ years of work in the field of incentives and motivation, we’ve learned a lesson or two. In our blog we share some of that accumulated wisdom – from tips to get more performance out of a customer loyalty program, to methods for measuring incentive program performance, to strategies proven to help maximize reward program impact in up or down economies.