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Customer Loyalty Incentive Programs

Boost sales and build loyalty with B2B customer loyalty programs.


Our B2B customer loyalty programs have helped businesses:

√ Boost sales channel revenue
√ Gather valuable customer data and insights
√ Increase mindshare among channel partners and contractors
√ Strengthen relationships with dealers, resellers and customers
√ Increase customer loyalty
√ Improve multi-channel marketing strategies
√ Increase profit margins
√ Identify and engage product end-users
√ Establish competitive differentiation
√ Acquire and retain customers

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Who We’ve Helped

Need a little more convincing?

Check out this case study on one of our award-winning incentive programs – 2016 Motivational Masters – Best Sales Channel Incentive Program

Drive Customer Loyalty That Results in Increased Sales, Greater Market Share and Long-Lasting Partnerships.

Customers sales and purchases make up the lion’s share of sales revenue in many companies. The challenge of managing the many customer and channel partner relationships behind those sales grows more complex and intense every day. Loyaltyworks can help you stay competitive with customer loyalty incentive programs and channel incentive solutions that drive sales, build loyalty and engage the agents, dealers, distributors, resellers and customers that move and use your products.

To see how our customer loyalty programs are helping our clients succeed, check out any of our case studies or white papers.

Loyaltyworks has decades of experience delivering successful customer loyalty programs designed to support single and multi-step distribution business models. We understand the power and leverage that customer incentives have to boost your sales, gather customer insight and market directly to your partners and end-users.

Loyaltyworks provides full-service support for all of our employee programs, including program design, our  online technology platform, participant communicationsprogram managementreward fulfillmentcustomer careperformance measurement, and the industry’s largest and richest reward selection. Your employees can choose from millions of brand-name merchandise  and travel rewards: from complete home theater systems to books, CDs and DVDs to event tickets, cruise packages, airline tickets and more.

Our online incentive, loyalty and reward programs are powered by our online incentive technology, which delivers one of the richest reward selections you’ll find anywhere. Your customers can choose from millions of brand-name merchandise and travel rewards: from complete home theater systems to books, CDs and DVDs to exotic cruise and travel packages. Click here to view a brief overview of the innovative Rewardtrax system.

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Plug And Play Modules

To maximize your customer loyalty incentive programs check out the following modules:

Open Enrollment Module

Allows uninvited participants to sign up for your program.


Learn & Earn Module

Hosts quizzes and surveys, and allows you to upload full training curriculum and classes.


Organizational Structure & Advanced Reporting Module

Organizes your data flow and allows structured access and responsibilities.