Health and Wellness Incentive Programs

Employ Healthy Incentives

Employee Health and  Wellness Incentive programs help create healthy employees that require less medical care, are absent less, and are more productive by incenting them to make smarter, healthier choices on and off the job.

Employee Health & Wellness Incentive Programs
Less Medical Care
Absent Less
More Productive
Healthier Choices

That means your insurance premiums go down and you spend less on lost productivity and absenteeism – saving an average of $1,421 annually per employee according to a recent Harvard study. The same study shows that wellness incentive programs return an average of $3.27 for every dollar spent on the program and $2.73 on absenteeism and lost productivity. Providing an average total of $6 in return for every dollar spent on the reward program. See case studies for more examples.

Our online reward platform makes it easy for you to recognize and reward your employees when they reach different wellness goals, such as attaining a healthy BMI, working out, quitting smoking, participating in annual checkups, or exercising. Employees can even recognize each other and share healthy tips and recipes on the social wall of your wellness incentive program’s website.

Using our online incentive platform, we’ve partnered with companies like yours to create successful employee wellness incentives by reducing premiums and increasing productivity, profitability and morale. Employee wellness incentive programs work because they give your participants what they really want – good health, recognition and rewards for their achievements – in exchange for helping you reduce preventable costs.

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Plug And Play Modules

To maximize your health and wellness incentive programs check out the following modules:

Total Recognition Suite Module

Provides a social wall and peer-to-peer recognition functions.

Learn & Earn Module

Hosts quizzes and surveys, and allows you to upload full training curriculum and classes.

Quick Points Module

Gives managers the ability to issue fixed-value reward program certificates on the spot.