Incentive Program Communication

Increase Adoption and Engagement of Your Incentive Program

Incentive programs can only be as lucrative as their associated communications are effective. That’s why we offer a multi-channel communication plan with every incentive program basic package. This approach lets you capitalize on the strengths of multiple mediums and allows your participants to choose how they want to receive communications.

Incentive Program Communication Packages include:

Mobile Optimized Site
Mobile optimization facilitates a better experience for participants accessing your reward program site through mobile phones and smart devices. With more and more of the population accessing the Internet mostly or exclusively through their smartphones, it’s increasingly important to offer mobile-optimized communication options. You can also choose to implement a reward program Mobile App.
We offer a full-color, tri-fold brochure to promote your reward program, designed according to your organization’s branding.

Postcards or Flyers
Choose to send your participants seasonal flyers or 5×7 color postcards featuring program and registration details.

HTML email templates allow you to contact your program participants in an attention-getting format. We will send out event-triggered emails, including Account Activation alerts and Redemption Stimulator reminders.

Annual Call Campaigns
Our call campaigns are focused on high-earning, VIP participants of your incentive programs. We want to show your top performers special appreciation and make sure they’re aware of all the incentive benefits they can receive.

Since just about everyone has their smartphones by their side at all times, texts are one of the most sure-fire ways to get your messages to participants. Send them alerts on hire date anniversaries, birthdays, when points have been added to their accounts and more!

For more information on our incentive program communication capabilities, please call 800-844-5000 or click here to send us a message.