Online Rewards and Advanced Incentive Technology

Build a unique incentive program with robust incentive technology and millions of online rewards.

Our incentive technology platform is developed in-house, so we have the ability to customize any module to accomplish your objectives on time and on budget.

You’ll have everything you need to launch your incentive program in just a few weeks.

Everything you need to get your online incentive program up and running in four to six weeks is included in the Basic Package:

  • Your own branded rewards website
  • A content marketing platform
  • An online rewards catalog with millions of items
  • Full administrative support
  • 40+ engagement and activity reports
  • A multichannel communications tool

Turn your program into a custom sales and marketing tool with pre-programmed online incentive modules.

We’re here to help you resolve and prevent pain points. Our pre-programmed incentive modules are designed to address the most common business challenges. Add any of the following customizeable modules to your incentive program to ensure it meets your goals and objectives:

Performance Tracking Module

Run multiple promotions simultaneously, keep track of sales and audit those sales based on thresholds you set.

Mobile App

Give your participants easy access to your reward program with a program branded mobile app.

Learn and Earn Module

Host quizzes, surveys and Daily Trivia to reward participants for training or providing you with valuable data.

Organizational Structure & Advanced Reporting Module

Organizes your data flow and allows structured access and responsibilities.

Open Enrollment Module

Allows uninvited participants to sign up for your online rewards program. Collect valuable customer contact data to expand your market reach.

Gamification Module

Lets participants earn rewards for winning fun, online Scratch-Off and Spin-to-Win games.

CRM Integration

Integrates our incentive program software with your existing customer relationship management (CRM) system.

The Leaderboard Module

Input data into a leader board, showing who the top participants are in any aspect of your program.

Integration Services Module

Allows your participants to log into your reward program directly from your site.

Quick Points Module

Gives managers the ability to issue fixed-value reward program certificates on the spot.

Total Recognition Suite

The recognition component of the program, which provides a social wall for peer-to-peer and HR recognition functions.

Online rewards—what’s in it for your participants.


Name brand merchandise, including home goods, electronics, tools, jewelry, sporting goods, video games and more.

Event Tickets

Tickets to events, such as sports, concerts, theme parks, plays, symphonies, Olympic games, Nascar and more.


Hotel stays, airline tickets, car rentals, and destination based activities.


Participants can indulge in the instant gratification of immediately downloadable Fandango tickets or Redbox movie rental codes.

Uniquely Yours

Custom reward options for high point earners. If they want it, we’ll make it happen.

Did we mention our incentive technology platform is easy to use and manage, too?

Learn how different sections of the platform works:

  • Account Management

    Your program administrators’ playground. Here your admins will have full access and control over your program.

  • Program Reporting

    Measure the success of your incentive program with access to over 40 free, standard reports.

  • Participant Portal

    Your participants’ playground. This is where they will come to interact with your program.

  • Communication

    Communication is key to your program’s success. Learn more about our free, 12-month communication plan.

We work with the best vendors to bring you the best rewards.