Leaderboard Module

Get Your Participants In The Game

Give your participants, especially sales people, a reason to compete with the Leader Board Module. Your program participants will be able to engage each other in a new way while also having fun competing.

The Leaderboard Module

The new Loyaltyworks Leaderboard Module gives you a way to compile your program participants’ information into score data. The data that you load is then represented on your site as the actual Leaderboard and your participants can see where they are in relation to each other. Use the Leaderboard’s automation feature to update the ranking display weekly, daily or in real-time. This competition inspires your participants to be the “best” in the program.
Clients love how user friendly and advanced the Leaderboard Module is because it enables you to load any data set you want to compare and create competition in your program. If you want to drive in more sales, you can display who has the most qualified sales numbers. If you want to show who’s accrued the most points or recognitions, you can load that specific data onto the board. It’s up to you what your program’s Leaderboard displays, so your creativity and the sky is the limit.

The Sky’s The limit

The module is easy to use. all you have to do is upload a simple data spreadsheet. We even provide you with a spreadsheet template. Here are some ideas the leaderboard is useful for:

Sales Competitions

Have your sales people compete to see who can sell the most

Safety Competitions

Participants can compete to see who can institute the most safety practices and complete training courses

Goal Tracking

Have an easy to see board where participants can track their progress

Recognition Competitions

See which participants can earn the most recognition from either management or their peers
The beauty of this module is that it’s a simple tool that can easily be used to inspire engagement in everything. Find out more by filling out our contact form or call us at 800-844-5000.