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Our Clients Tell Us They Like The Way We Think.

When our clients praise our thinking, we take it as the highest compliment-because ultimately this is a unique way we distinguish ourselves. Here you’ll find a growing collection of articles and reports on research conducted in the field of incentives and loyalty, and practical white papers that reflect Loyaltyworks’ perspective on issues relevant to incentive and loyalty marketing.

Explore our blog for the latest incentive industry news, trends, and expert opinions we’ve found particularly thought-provoking. Check back regularly as we’ll be continuously updating the blog with fresh content.

Structuring A Channel Sales Incentive Program

Counting on various sales channels to make your business successful can prove tough sometimes. With all the different pieces moving to get your product to market, it helps to have one common denominator between them to help keep all the pieces moving in the right direction. Channel sales incentives do exactly that. They motivate all […]

Companies That Are Invested In Wellness

Image Source Engine 2 At Loyaltyworks, we create, run and operate employee wellness incentive programs, so companies who provide healthy life style choices are important to us. We want to share spotlight some of the companies that are out trying to make the world a healthier place. That’s respectable and we honor that. The first […]

Tips To Help Your Company Work On Health And Wellness

Since the quest for wellness never stops, neither do the tips for it. We recommend having an employee wellness program in place because rewards make being healthy and making smarter, healthier choices that much more rewarding. Here are this month’s tips to help your company work on wellness: Pamphlets – This one may sound a […]

ISI Group Work Anniversaries!

We wanted to take a moment and recognize our employees that are celebrating their anniversaries with us this month! We appreciate employee loyalty and, since we’re a company that thrives on employee recognition, we just wanted to recognize you for your years of service! Google+ Loyaltyworks 2299 Perimeter Park Drive Suite 150 Atlanta, GA 30341 […]

5 rules to consistently pump out innovation in your workplace

Psychology Today recently posted an article that shared some tips about how to increase innovation in your workplace. They acknowledge that having an atmosphere that encourages innovation amongst your entire group is more conducive to success and employee motivation than an atmosphere where only one or two people are the innovators. They also note that […]

Companies Doing Good – Tom’s of Maine

Image Source Here at Loyaltyworks we do our best to make a positive impact in our community and on the world around us by donating money and time to worthy causes and charities. We also believe that our employee, customer and business reward programs make the world a happier place by making business more enjoyable […]

More Than 6 Feet Under – Miner Safety

One of the scariest jobs in the world is that of a miner. You spend countless hours in a cave hoping the inside of the earth doesn’t decide to swallow you whole. The mining industry is an incredibly dangerous industry, though profitable, and safety practices are incredibly important for them to enjoy continued financial success. […]

The Use Of Business Incentives In Pharmaceuticals

Some industries have products that people literally fall over themselves to rush out and buy. One example is Apple. Now there’s a company whose customer base is packed with sales motivation. When they release new products, people line up en masse to wait for their new iPhone/pod/pad/whatever. Their products are eagerly awaited and require very […]
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