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What An Honor!

Loyaltyworks, as a member of the ISI group, is incredibly proud to announce that we were named as one of the Best & Brightest Companies to Work For in Atlanta for the second year in a row! Our fearless leader, CEO Steve Damerow had this to say about it “I thank the Loyaltyworks associates for […]

The Future Of Online Rewards – Going Mobile

If you’re unsure of if having a mobile optimized website for your online rewards program, consider this: 91% of all people on earth have a mobile device 56% of all people own a smart phone 50% of mobile phone users use that phone as Internet device number one 72% of tablet owners purchase online from […]

Incentive Success – It’s All In The Plan

It is proven that incentive reward programs are a great way to encourage employees to put forward their best effort in the work place, which in turn, creates an overall benefit for the company. The best intentions; however, can backfire if certain key aspects of an incentive program are overlooked. Let’s take, for example, the […]

Ideas for Your Company’s Incentive Program

What is a great way to increase motivation among your employees? Take a look into your employee rewards plan and business incentive program. Keeping your employees motivated can be tough, so updating your incentives plan for your employees can help to improve production in your company. Some of the best incentive plans include health and […]

Top Reasons Marketers Fail When Planning Incentive Programs

Incentive program planning isn’t rocket science. With all the helpful tools and tips available, anyone should be able to compose a decent program, right? Wrong. Committing a crime of marketing is becoming more and more common in the competitive world of incentive planning. Although the general nature of it seems rather basic, ineffective programs are […]

Avoiding the Spotlight Effect With Your Incentive Program

After digging deep into the latest research, you believe you’ve finally designed a picture perfect incentives program for your employees. You know your sales team will love the reward opportunities, and appreciate the creative edge you have included in your program. To go one step further, you send out a company-wide email, informing every one […]

Loyaltyworks Employee Recognition Programs Increase Productivity And Reduce Employee Turnover

  Loyaltyworks, an Atlanta-based provider of incentive programs, customer loyalty programs and employee recognition programs, is announcing a renewed focus on using their employee reward and recognition programs, powered by the RewardTrax Total Recognition Suite, to help their clients retain and motivate skilled, productive staff members. Loyaltyworks’ CEO Steve Damerow says “businesses across the board […]
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