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Using Contractor Incentives to Encourage Upselling

As a product manufacturer, it can be easy to feel distant from your contractors. Communication can sometimes feel strained or even non-existent, but since they’re your main channel for end-user sales, this is a vital relationship to maintain! That’s why a contractor incentives program could be the make-or-break factor when it comes to improving your […]

How Can a Contractor Rewards Program Increase Upsells?

If part of your manufacturing business relies on contractor sales, you may find yourself wondering about the best way to get your contractors to upsell your products over a competitor’s. The problem is, most contractors’ top priority is catering to end-user wants—and the average consumer typically only cares about price. They tend to gravitate towards […]

Use Contractor Rewards to Increase Your Upsell Rate

As a manufacturer, it’s not always easy to motivate contractors to upsell your products or services. After putting so much work into researching, developing and marketing upgrades, useful supplemental products, top-notch aftermarket services, high-end or energy efficient products, you may wonder why contractors don’t sing their praises. It’s because they have different priorities than you, […]

The B2B Marketers’ Guide to Successful Dealer Incentives

When it comes to managing a successful dealer incentives program, there are many decisions to make and approaches to take. There are a number of incentive technology and tools, rewards, and goals to choose from—dealer incentive plans possibilities are virtually endless. So how do you know which incentive strategies to use to maximize effectiveness and […]

How Do I Create a Successful Channel Marketing Strategy Plan?

A successful channel marketing strategy plan will allow you to expand your marketing efforts and accelerate the growth of your sales. Moreover, a good strategy should provide you with the flexibility to adjust as needed moving forward. It is essential you’re able to identify and utilize your channel’s strengths while improving the weaknesses. An effective […]
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