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Improved partner program for MSSPs launched by Fortinet

Fortinet has launched a revamped program for its managed security service providers, ChannelWeb reports. The program is designed to provide channel MSSPs with the materials necessary to boost managed service sales.

The technical program, called FortiInfluencer, will offer rewards to MSSP partners who invest in Fortinet technology. As an incentive, partners will be given additional marketing and promotional materials, sales training, access to sales tool kits, access to educational materials and more.

Channel partners have a positive view of the program so far because it will not require a contract change and it offers managed service provider resources, ChannelWeb says.

"It’s obviously thinking like we do," Stephan Tallent, director of managed services with ANX eBusiness, told the website. "I think the program is pretty solid from what I see. Obviously they’re adding to it and developing it in an ongoing basis so I’m anxious to see what the end product is."

Earlier this month, Fortinet introduced a pair of multi-threat security appliances. The two new systems integrated the company’s firewall and Intrusion Prevention System performance with advanced application-based security protection for large enterprises.