Loyaltyworks WOWlympics Held To Kickoff “Work On Wellness” Employee Wellness Incentive Program

Loyaltyworks recently the WOWlympics games to correspond with the kickoff of their new “Work on Wellness” employee wellness incentive program. Teams of eight were chosen, with all chiefs and executives being on one team and competing against seven others. The winners, Team “We Don’t Have One” were rewarded with 2,500 reward points, which are redeemable in Loyaltyworks’ online reward mall for anything they want. Check out some of the action below.

  • Nichole Gunn

    At first I was skeptical. But, the WOWlympics made a great impact in several different areas. It was great watching the employees come together. It was even better watching the management team get stomped….by Ashley Lodge. It was also a great stress release to the days; getting up and getting a little exercise. I also noticed my colleagues were practicing, early on. This means they were actually exercising more than normal. Well done! My eyes were definitely opened.

  • Amber Johnson

    This was such an awesome experience to take time and step away from a desks and compete. There was excitement in the air that week and even the weeks after. I can’t wait for next year!