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The Real Reason You Have a Negative Work Culture

Study: Workplace Rudeness Is Like a Virus Researchers from the University of Florida tracked 90 graduate business school students practicing negotiation techniques with classmates, with each person practicing with multiple partners over 7 weeks. In the end, they found that those who rated their partner as rude were far more likely to be judged as […]
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How to Set Up a Rewards Points System That Works for You

Low employee motivation is a common issue that many businesses face at some point. In fact, some business owners identify low employee morale as a chronic issue for their workplace. If you’re looking for a solution to low employee motivation, a rewards points system may do the trick. To ensure that a workplace incentive program […]
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Top 3 Ideas for Employee Recognition

Business owners often harbor the misconception that a decent salary is enough to motivate employees to do a job well done. Even if you give your 100% in everything you do, it is unreasonable to expect your employees to be the same way. In fact, some of your employees may be the type of people […]
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Why You Need a Mobile App for Your Performance Incentive for Employees

While intrinsic motivation is usually enough to spur business owners to give their 100%, many employees need extrinsic motivation to achieve high levels of productivity. Due to low employee morale, many companies have been turning to offering a performance incentive for employees. If you’re thinking about implementing a workplace incentive program to encourage your employees […]
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Channel Partners Are More Like Consumers Than You Think

Sales channel purchasing and marketing has the potential to become very systematic and routine in how processes are carried out. A distributor sticks with a certain supplier because they’ve never had a problem with that supplier, for instance, and because it would be a bother to find a new one. But in contemporary marketplaces, in […]
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