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We’re Accepting Applications for an Office Administrator

Accepting Applications for an Office Administrator Title:  Receptionist/Office Admin Reports to:  CFO Classification:  Non-Exempt / Hourly Summary:  This position is responsible for the reception duties as outlined below plus providing administrative support for the office.  Also, this position is responsible for managing several general office duties. Roles and Responsibilities: Reception: Ensure that the switchboard is answered promptly and that all calls [...] Read More...

Why So Many Corporate Loyalty Programs Fail to Drive Behavioral Change

corporate loyalty programs

There are a number of reasons corporate loyalty programs fail to drive change. Many companies know they should have a program, but they’re often unsure of how to execute. If your corporate loyalty programs are suffering from poor performance, you’ll likely recognize some of these symptoms: You have undefined goals. It’s impossible for a program to […]


How Can We Develop the Most Effective Channel Marketing Campaigns for a Business?

channel marketing campaigns

You know channel sales will boost your business, but you have absolutely no idea how to create the effective channel marketing campaigns you need. Sound like you? If so, you’re not alone. Building successful channel sales program is no mean feat. It takes years of experience and a maniacal focus on processes. Without these things, […]


Facts on How Sales Incentives Increase Your Employees’ Job Satisfaction

sales incentives job satisfaction

This Is Why We Feel So Overworked [A study by Tony Schwartz], done in concert with the Harvard Business Review, found more than half of employees did not have: Regular time for creative or strategic thinking Ability to focus on one thing at a time Opportunities to do what they enjoy most Opportunities for learning […]


How Do Sales Incentive Programs Increase Job Satisfaction?


It is well documented that today’s businesses are doing more with less. That means salespeople, like all other types of employees, are taking on more stress and responsibilities, pressured to gain share in crowded markets. It also means that chances of burnout, exhaustion and demotivation are higher. You can only lose so much money to […]


The Best Incentives for Employees Aren’t What You Think They Are

best incentives for employees

When it comes to developing the best incentives for employees, one of the most important aspects is engagement. There are a variety of tactics you can use to drive employee interest and enthusiasm in your program, and we will discuss a few of them in the post below. Why Employee Recognition Is Important This may […]


Get Your Best Performance Yet with Employee Recognition Plans

employee recognition plans

You don’t want to just be an incentive provider, do you? Of course not. Motivating employees with perks and an occasional bonus is great, but to truly take your team and your company success to the next level, you have to create an entire incentive culture. You can do that with employee recognition plans, which […]


Examples of Loyalty Programs That Really Do Work

examples of loyalty programs

Customer loyalty programs get a lot of flack, because frankly, they often aren’t that effective. Customers don’t care about a dollar off here and there when they only buy something from you every two months and are spending more than $100. The answer? Add a loyalty program that actually meets their needs and sparks their […]


Want to Keep People Coming Back? Use Effective Reward Programs for Customers

reward programs for customers

Customer rewards programs, also commonly referred to as customer loyalty programs, are common enough in this day and age. What are less common are programs that actually have measurable results. If you want your reward programs for customers to build your business, increase your profits, make them feel valued and keep the relationship strong, you […]


Creating a Successful Incentive Plan for Employees or Customers

successful incentive plans

Incentive plans are all the rage. When done well, you can motivate customers to purchase from you again and again, clients to work with you year after year and employees to reach their highest sales goals and customer service ratings, and perform their best overall. But while everyone agrees that a successful incentive plan can be […]