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Is Your Channel Incentive Technology Investment Producing?

If you’re searching to learn about channel incentive technology investment, there’s a good chance you know a little bit about it. For example, you probably already know channel incentives are a cornerstone of your strategy to maintain the loyalty of your channel partners. And as the space continues to evolve, you’ll face challenges to meet […]
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Using Contractor Incentives to Encourage Upselling

As a product manufacturer, it can be easy to feel distant from your contractors. Communication can sometimes feel strained or even non-existent, but since they’re your main channel for end-user sales, this is a vital relationship to maintain! That’s why a contractor incentives program could be the make-or-break factor when it comes to improving your […]
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How Can a Contractor Rewards Program Increase Upsells?

If part of your manufacturing business relies on contractor sales, you may find yourself wondering about the best way to get your contractors to upsell your products over a competitor’s. The problem is, most contractors’ top priority is catering to end-user wants—and the average consumer typically only cares about price. They tend to gravitate towards […]
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Measuring Rewards Program ROI

When it comes to measuring rewards program ROI, the ultimate goals are accountability and bottom-line results. You want to know what’s working, what isn’t, and how much each is costing you. However, you’ve probably heard the adage of marketing professionals: “50% of our marketing is working, and 50% isn’t. The problem is we don’t know […]
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Use Contractor Rewards to Increase Your Upsell Rate

As a manufacturer, it’s not always easy to motivate contractors to upsell your products or services. After putting so much work into researching, developing and marketing upgrades, useful supplemental products, top-notch aftermarket services, high-end or energy efficient products, you may wonder why contractors don’t sing their praises. It’s because they have different priorities than you, […]
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Use the Power of Surprise in Sales Incentive Rewards

Many sales incentive rewards programs have set, established methods for awarding points to participants—meeting sales goals, staying ahead of deadlines, celebrating work anniversaries, and so on. These rewards opportunities are standard and expected. But what many incentive rewards programs underestimate is the impact of surprise rewards on sales performance. Let’s be real: who doesn’t love […]
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The Psychological Power of Unexpected Sales Incentives

There are two types of rewards in any incentive program. One is expected rewards, given out for achieving sales goals or completing projects. The other is unexpected rewards, given spontaneously for on-the-spot accomplishments. Both types have their place in any healthy sales incentive program, but unexpected rewards are often pushed to the wayside by program […]
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Which Is Best? Cash or Non-Cash Incentive Rewards?

Many people managers debate the merits of cash or non-cash incentive rewards. Which motivates people more? What moves the needle? And which is the most cost effective? Well, according to at least one recent study, the answer isn’t cash. Surprised? Read on to find out why. Cash vs. Non-Cash Rewards: What’s the Difference? First, it’s […]
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Motivating Sales Teams with Powerful Incentive Psychology

The element of surprise is incredibly effective when it comes to motivating sales employees. And it’s not just because surprise incentives are fun. Scientific studies have shown that unexpected rewards tap into parts of the brain connected to learning and motivation. So how can you use this fact to your advantage in your sales incentive […]
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