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You Better Recognize How to Use Words to Motivate

In a time when layoffs are prevalent, pay increases are scarcer than ever, and job security isn’t what it used to be, motivation is tough to achieve. How do you assuage employees’ concerns that their relevancy to your company is on the decline? The answer is simple – employee recognition – especially the verbal kind. […]
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The Use Of Business Incentives In Jewelers

Jewelers – you know what they do. You might not think they rely on sales incentive programs to keep business going, but they do. Some offer customer loyalty programs, where they reward customers for spending money with them. But there aren’t that many of those because there aren’t that many people named Kanye West buying […]
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Channel Sales: Open Your Ears, Close Your Sales

Have you ever met a sales person that wouldn’t shut up? They don’t need to know about you, you just need to shut up and LISTEN TO THOSE DEALS! We all know this person; and we all collectively dislike them. If this describes you and how you approach your sales tactics, perhaps you should pipe […]
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CEO Steve Damerow – Incentive Programs – Prepaid Debit Cards vs Merchandise Rewards

CEO Steve Damerow – Incentive Programs – Prepaid Debit Cards vs Merchandise Rewards from Loyaltyworks on Vimeo. Steve Damerow, CEO of the ISI Group of Companies. which includes Loyaltyworks, talks about the different types of benefits provided by prepaid debit card reward programs and merchandise reward incentive programs. Call Loyaltyworks today at 1-800-844-5000 to schedule […]
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Safety Horror Stories – Lights, Camera, Injuries!

Another industry that most people don’t really connect with safety incidents is one that we all know and love – Hollywood’s film industry. People who follow film productions know the process of film making can be extremely dangerous, especially on action films. Actors and actresses, extras, stunt men and women, and other crew can all […]
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