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Incentives – The View Of A New Employee

Employee Engagement Incentive Industry

Here is an article that one of our new employees wrote up for us that we wanted to share with all our incentive program readers and followers. It’s a fresh look at the incentive industry as a whole from the perspective of someone who’s never dealt with incentives before – and it is fascinating. Check […]


Steve Damerow I Reward Cards: Debit Cards vs. Gift Cards

Steve Damerow - Rewards Cards

Steve Damerow | Reward Cards: Debit Cards versus Gift Cards from Loyaltyworks on Vimeo. CEO of The ISI Group, Steve Damerow discusses the fundamental differences in the different types of reward cards. Google+ Loyaltyworks 2299 Perimeter Park Drive Suite 150 Atlanta, GA 30341 Loyaltyworks


The Incentive Insider – News That Benefits Your ROI – October 2014

The Incentive Insider – News That Benefits Your ROI October, 2014 Incentive Solutions Named As One Of Atlanta’s Best & Brightest Companies To Work For! We’re proud to announce that Incentive Solutions has, once again, been named as one of the Best & Brightest companies to work for in Atlanta! This award is given to […]


CEO Steve Damerow Thanks Loyaltyworks’ Incentive Program Clients

CEO Steve Damerow Thanks Loyaltyworks' Incentive Program Clients

CEO Steve Damerow Thanks Loyaltyworks’ Incentive Program Clients from Loyaltyworks on Vimeo. Thank you Dear Clients! A recent internal survey of our 200+ clients gave us a 95% excellent rating, and a similar amount said they would refer our incentive services to a friend. That’s good Karma. Employee managed has been the leading technology innovator of […]


How to Win Fantasy Football Overtime in the Office

Office Fantasy Football

Football season is well under way now. The atmosphere of the office has changed.  Schedules, banners, bobble-heads and whatever else that says “my team’s going all the way this year” is plastered everywhere. Jim’s cubicle is looking more like a box suite. You didn’t even realize you hired so many interior decorators. The biggest time […]


Safety Horror Stories – Down For The Count

Workplace Safety In Action

We always think of workplace injuries from the perspective of management; how much it’s going to add onto insurance; how much we need to spend on overtime to get work done, etc. What we seldom think about is that workplace accident from the perspective of the unsafe employee. We’re going to try and dive into […]


We’re Sorry, Your Customer Loyalty Exceeds Our Weight Limits

Persistence is key to a successful sale

We’re back again with a customer service horror story about a company who thought it’d be a good idea to insult their customers’ weight. You would think this is an incredibly obvious “no-no” in the world of customer loyalty, but you’d also expect common sense to be something that’s common. I guess we’re all wrong […]


Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Millennials

Maslow's Hierarchy and employee engagement

Last week we talked about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how it relates to employee engagement. This week we’re going to talk a little bit more about the hierarchy and how it relates to the millennial generation, which will soon be the largest section of the workforce. Let’s look at Maslow’s needs one more time: […]


Companies Invested In Wellness – Walmart

Wellness & Walmart – Surprising Bedfellows Wellness and Walmart are two words that most wouldn’t typically associate with one another. If you’re anything like me, when you think of Walmart you think of rednecks, pop tarts, and electronics – not healthy foods. Surprisingly enough, the company is taking health seriously and is making huge strides […]


Are Your Distributor Reps Ignoring Your Selling Proposition?

  Are Your Distributor Reps Ignoring Your Selling Proposition? Hi, Are you irrelevant to your distributor sales reps? Human nature is to “follow the money.” If you are in a non-exclusive relationship with your distributor and your product makes up less than 10% of their total revenue, chances are that you are an afterthought to […]