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The B2B Marketers’ Guide to Successful Dealer Incentives

When it comes to managing a successful dealer incentives program, there are many decisions to make and approaches to take. There are a number of incentive technology and tools, rewards, and goals to choose from—dealer incentive plans possibilities are virtually endless. So how do you know which incentive strategies to use to maximize effectiveness and […]
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7 Ways to Boost B2B Marketing with Channel Incentives

When it comes to using incentive rewards in B2B marketing, there are so many ways to get creative. Here are seven incentive strategies we recommend to give your channel marketing an edge. Upgrade your B2B market collective with loyalty rewards. Your “VIP market collective” should include your top channel customers, the ones whose customer retention […]
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Market Your B2B Brand Value with Loyalty Rewards

People often think that B2B customer loyalty always comes down to business value and rationality. After all, when you’re dealing with other business leaders, aren’t they less likely to let their emotions interfere with their decisions? Not necessarily. B2B buyers have even more emotions tied up in their purchases than B2C customers do. A recent […]
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7 Smart Ways to Use Channel Incentives in B2B Marketing

Channel incentives can be a great way to improve your B2B marketing and build better relationships with your most important sales channel customers. A channel incentives or distributor loyalty program that’s seamlessly executed, complements your business objectives and has a solid value proposition could be the thing that sets you apart from your competitors and […]
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How Do I Create a Successful Channel Marketing Strategy Plan?

A successful channel marketing strategy plan will allow you to expand your marketing efforts and accelerate the growth of your sales. Moreover, a good strategy should provide you with the flexibility to adjust as needed moving forward. It is essential you’re able to identify and utilize your channel’s strengths while improving the weaknesses. An effective […]
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Why a Corporate Loyalty Program Is Your Best Friend

A corporate loyalty program can provide a wide range of benefits, but they are all centered on one thing: at their heart, these programs are about building a strong relationship between brands and customers. Loyalty programs are growing more common as time goes on. This is no surprise, as more companies are beginning to understand […]
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