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Creating a Customer Loyalty Program That Works

Creating a customer loyalty program that works is the holy grail of marketing. Why? Because numerous studies show it’s significantly more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to upsell an existing one. And loyalty programs are the easiest tool to prompt your customers to increase both the number and dollar amount of […]

How to Grow Your Business with Customer Loyalty

Every company says they want to grow their business. I am not familiar with a business that forecasts a reduction in sales. Many companies today, however, have not addressed the primary growth ingredient… customer loyalty. If you poll most business owners, they can tell you to the penny what customer acquisition costs.  This is based […]

Oracle Launches New Loyalty Program

Oracle, engineers of software and hardware that work within the cloud and data center, recently announced the offering of a new customer loyalty initiative. Siebel Loyalty Management 8.2.2 will work to maximize brand engagement and customer retention as well as lifetime value by providing personalized and innovative customer reward programs for companies in need. Oracle’s […]

Gas Station Introduces New Loyalty Program

With roughly 1,375 locations throughout the country, Speedway recently announced it has selected the NCR Advanced Marketing Solution and NCR Enterprise Preference Manager from NCR Corporation as the means to power its next generation customer loyalty program and connect its various locations and frequent customers, according to Convenience Store Decisions. Speedway ranks as the fourth […]