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Use the Power of Surprise in Sales Incentive Rewards

Many sales incentive rewards programs have set, established methods for awarding points to participants—meeting sales goals, staying ahead of deadlines, celebrating work anniversaries, and so on. These rewards opportunities are standard and expected. But what many incentive rewards programs underestimate is the impact of surprise rewards on sales performance. Let’s be real: who doesn’t love […]

Motivating Sales Teams with Powerful Incentive Psychology

The element of surprise is incredibly effective when it comes to motivating sales employees. And it’s not just because surprise incentives are fun. Scientific studies have shown that unexpected rewards tap into parts of the brain connected to learning and motivation. So how can you use this fact to your advantage in your sales incentive […]

7 Ways to Boost B2B Marketing with Channel Incentives

When it comes to using incentive rewards in B2B marketing, there are so many ways to get creative. Here are seven incentive strategies we recommend to give your channel marketing an edge. Upgrade your B2B market collective with loyalty rewards. Your “VIP market collective” should include your top channel customers, the ones whose customer retention […]

How to Get Customer Data from B2B Loyalty Programs

In channel sales, you’re often out of touch with the suppliers, customers, and end-users who matter most. You need customer data to fix that, especially when you go to market through sales channel distribution. A B2B customer loyalty program can help you motivate channel partners to submit purchase information that helps you build up accurate, […]

The Real Reason You Have a Negative Work Culture

Study: Workplace Rudeness Is Like a Virus Researchers from the University of Florida tracked 90 graduate business school students practicing negotiation techniques with classmates, with each person practicing with multiple partners over 7 weeks. In the end, they found that those who rated their partner as rude were far more likely to be judged as […]

Why Are Non-Cash Rewards Better than Cash?

Imagine going down on one knee to ask the love of your life to marry you.  Now imagine, you pull out the ring box and open it up to display a wad a cash and you say, “You can pick out whatever ring you want for this amount of cash!”  You might not get the […]

How to Set up An Incentive Program – Research

Why Non-Monetary Sales Incentives Trump Cash [Q&A With Ken Thoreson] When it comes to sales games or contests, monetary incentives are not the best options in my opinion. What is important is value and meaning. In building incentive programs or contests, you need to make non-monetary rewards meaningful. The reason cash is not the best […]
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