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Motivating Sales Teams with Powerful Incentive Psychology

The element of surprise is incredibly effective when it comes to motivating sales employees. And it’s not just because surprise incentives are fun. Scientific studies have shown that unexpected rewards tap into parts of the brain connected to learning and motivation. So how can you use this fact to your advantage in your sales incentive […]

Motivate Sales Employees, Game of Thrones Style

Common wisdom says that sales employees can be sorted into three groups: laggards, average performers, and star performers. Let’s make things fun and nerdy by likening these types of salespeople to the royal, warring Houses in HBO’s Game of Thrones: Greyjoys (laggards), Starks (average performers) and Lannisters (star performers). Sales teams can be split up […]

How to Engage and Educate VARs Using Incentives

In order to succeed in today’s B2B markets, you have to rise above marketing gimmicks and establish yourself as a trusted authority. Building strong relationships with channel partners and customers takes time, but it’s the best way to come out on top in any B2B industry. You should be able to engage and educate partners […]

Credit Card Buy-In

The ISI group’s online reward platform, RewardTrax, recently rolled out a new feature that allows participants to use their own personal credit card to pay the difference on a reward item they may be lacking the points for. This feature is great for a couple reasons: It lets your participants redeem for rewards they may […]