Loyalty programs drive business.

Loyaltyworks drives loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs. Loyalty software. Loyaltyworks.

There’s no better way for you to stand out in today’s highly informed marketplace than a loyalty program. Customers, employees, and B2B partners all want to feel recognized and appreciated for their contributions. They expect unique, meaningful and personalized experiences. That’s why recognition matters most when establishing this culture of employee engagement and customer loyalty within your company. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to do this. Just recognize that people want recognition for everything they do. It’s a primitive, yet powerful truth that is overlooked by many of your competitors, who think their product and services is all it takes to keep the machine running smoothly. Our loyalty programs help you:

  • Increase B2B sales
  • Decrease employee turnover
  • Drive sales in targeted product markets
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Offer a better customer experience

That’s where Loyaltyworks comes in.

By collaborating with you, we turn the science of engagement and loyalty into an art form. Our platform is designed to blend seamlessly into your day-to-day operations. We help shape your client, partner, employee and customer experiences with you into something they’ll never forget.

So which type of program suits your needs?

Customer Loyalty Program

A value proposition isn’t enough in today’s markets—you have to establish personal value with customers. Loyalty programs increase customer engagement, resulting in brand loyalty and customer retention.

sales employee motivation programs

Channel Sales Program

Make channel marketing easy with Loyaltyworks’ online loyalty software. Our programs help you incentivize your channel distribution partners through rewards, personal communication and engagement.

Employee Recognition Program

Build a company culture of recognition that shows your employees just how much you really appreciate them by tapping into the emotional workplace connections they crave.

Sales Incentives Program

Boost sales motivation by training and recognizing your sales force with online rewards. Sales incentives push salespeople to break out of the status quo, snatching market share away from your competition.

An international industrial building products supplier nearly doubled their active incentive program participants (from 565 to over 1,000) and reward redemption (from 25.9% to 52%).


An automation and digitalization powerhouse increased sales 32% and increased year over year profitability by 20% among incentive program participants.

An aviation fuel supplier experienced a 89% year-over-year increase in points issued for their reward program and a 383% month-over-month increase in program membership.

Loyaltyworks supports a wide range of industries and companies.