Create A Loyalty Program That Works

Conquer your market with the kind of customer loyalty program that works.

Our customer loyalty programs help businesses:

  • Boost sales channel revenue
  • Win over more loyal customers and steal market share
  • Establish greater mindshare and brand loyaltys
  • Build customer engagement and retention
  • Update customer databases with better customer info
  • Strengthen relationships with channel sales partners

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More than just customer loyalty reward programs—a custom marketing command center.

To really impact customer behaviors, your loyalty program needs more than just rewards. Our advanced, in-house incentive technology does more than deliver customer loyalty rewards—it provides you with a range of online marketing tools. Our basic package includes:

And why stop there when there are so many unique ways to use customer loyalty programs? We also offer pre-programmed modules you can add onto your loyalty program anytime for more advanced, specialized features! Here are just a few examples:

Allow anyone to sign up for your loyalty program without an invitation and say “Nice to meet you!” to all those qualifying customers you didn’t even know you had.

Schedule multiple, simultaneous sales promotions and automatically validate sales claims—participants get their rewards faster and you get up-to-date customer data!

Delivering a mobile loyalty program allows 24/7, on-the-go accessibility. Your program follows participants around right in their pocket!

Segment your program’s administrative controls so managers are in charge of their own organization, department, region, or team

Increase customer engagement and education by rewarding them for filling out surveys, passing quizzes, or answering Daily Trivia questions

No one can resist games! Make your program more engaging and fun with digital Spin to Win and Scratch Off features.

Drop a link to your customer loyalty program right into your existing website menu for easy access and stronger brand awareness.

We help all types of customer loyalty programs reach ROI.

When you use our versatile customer loyalty programs, you can choose from so many ways to set yourself apart from your competition. Loyalty rewards can offer customers financial and personal benefits, motivate better training or product knowledge among reseller customers, and act as channel incentives to improve B2B brand loyalty. No matter what your go-to-market strategy is, we can help you develop a customer loyalty program that reaches ROI and benefits your business.

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