The CRM Integration Module

Sync your CRM platform to your loyalty program with The CRM Integration Module.

crm integration loyalty programs

To understand the benefits of CRM integration with your incentive program, imagine this scenario. Your incentive program is running smoothly. It’s collecting data about who is buying and selling your products. Your boss comes to you and says he needs you to prioritize a particular set of products sold in the last quarter. You think, Great! I can do that, and sign into your company CRM platform. As you gather this data, you discover that not only does he need those particular products sold, he also needs this information to reflect which distributor sales reps sold the items and to whom. And he wants it by the end of the day. You are stressed because it’s 2pm, and you have only three hours to gather this information. Your CRM program only identifies which items sold last quarter. Your incentive program has the downstream data, but it is hosted on a different website.

Neither of the programs is integrated, and there are hundreds of pages of data to sift through within three hours.

What if, you had the ability to just sign into one system and have all the data from your incentive program there in your CRM program? You could have customer demographics, sales statistics, product training and even the information from all previous promotions right in your existing CRM system.

When you integrate your incentive program with your CRM, your sales data can be readily available on one platform, within your CRM system.

CRM integrated loyalty programs allow you to be the hero in the office. You can collect the data need promptly, and you can focus on what matters the most; your customer’s experience and ultimately your bottom line.

Here are some other examples of how you could use CRM integrated loyalty programs:

  • Pull critical data from your incentive program into business intelligence tools for more in-depth customer reporting and data mining
  • Plug your incentive program into your learning management system (LMS) to feed in customer data and develop a more holistic view of customer engagement and learning
  • Pull customer and product information from your incentive program into your CRM
  • Integrate your online incentive program into your organization’s website navigation for 360-degree view of customer personas

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