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Exciting Rewards

Millions of Rewards to Motivate Your Participants

Exciting rewards generate the emotional energy and buzz that propel successful performance improvement, sales, recognition and loyalty programs. Incentives clearly drive interest and behavior when people value the rewards offered and believe they can attain them.


Merchandise from categories such as electronics, home goods, tools, sporting goods and more.

Digital Downloads

All the hottest music, movies and TV shows, downloadable directly to any PC, laptop or smartphone!

Event Tickets

Tickets to live events such as concerts and sports, including Nascar races and even the Olympic Games!

Uniquely Yours

Custom rewards for your VIP earners—home renovations, dental work, college tuition and just about anything else!


Hotel accommodations, flight tickets, car rentals, destination activities and more!

Finding the “perfect” rewards

Loyaltyworks incentive programs come with one of the largest and most diverse collection of rewards in the industry. With millions of rewards available, our catalog allows you to motivate every single participant in your program with the reward that’s perfect for them.

Easy-to-earn rewards for everyone

Our diverse selection of rewards means that everyone in your program can participate. Your low- and mid-level performers can spend reward points on items like movie tickets, Red Box rentals, or books. Instead of rewarding only stand-out performers, you can move everyone’s motivation and performance levels closer to the top.

VIP rewards for high point earners

What about those star performers who consistently rake in the points? They always go the extra mile for you—wouldn’t it be great to go above and beyond for them? We think so, too. That’s why, through our Uniquely Yours program, we arrange it so your VIP performers can spend their reward points on special, “holy grail” rewards. Home renovation? A car? College tuition? Leave it to us to grant those big wishes!

Greater reward value

Successful incentive plans start with cutting-edge technology. Our incentive program technology gives participants access to 24/7 online “shopping,” real-time inventory availability, faster delivery, and greater value for points. On average, we deliver our rewards at a cost 10-20% lower than traditional reward programs. We work directly with our vendors to ensure there are no middleman costs and our catalog is always stocked with the latest releases.

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