Travel Rewards

Your participants’ unforgettable experiences begin with our collection of travel rewards.

Your participants can redeem points for leisure travel rewards using our reward catalog’s live travel booking tool. Similar to Expedia, items available include airline tickets, hotel rooms from brands like Marriott® and Hyatt®, even cruise packages aboard Royal Caribbean® and Celebrity®. Participants can also use their points to book travel packages or activities for upcoming trips and adventures. Travel rewards redeemed in the rewards catalog could lead to unforgettable, lifelong memories. That family vacation to Hawaii your top performing employee has always dreamed of? A romantic honeymoon in Paris? Your company’s travel rewards offering could be the reason it all happens for your employees or customers. And for that, they’ll never forget you.

For more information on our programs, a tour through the entire collection of rewards, or a demo of the online reward program platform, please call 800-844-5000 or send us a message.

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