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Culture & Community

Our Values Show In Everything We Do

Loyaltyworks strives for a dynamic, collaborative work atmosphere. Our team works with energy, drive and a disciplined focus on delivering positive results to our clients. Four core values distinguish us from other companies, guide the way we do business, and define our company culture—openness, ease, accountability and community.



At Loyaltyworks, open, straightforward communication is fundamental. We believe that honest, open dialog builds trust, and that trust forms the foundation of healthy, beneficial relationships…with clients, with their customers, and with each another. Our workspace even reflects this philosophy with the ultimate “open-door” policy – our offices have no walls.


Our purpose is to produce measurable results for clients and we constantly strive to make a positive impact – an impact that can be expressed as a ROI. We tie our own goals and objectives to those of our clients, report performance transparently, and measure all results.


We take pride in making things easy for our colleagues, clients and their customers – by communicating clearly, working harder and smarter, and providing outstanding service. Being easy to work with comes naturally to us.


We are a part of many important communities – clients, employees, shareholders, and partners. But we believe in keeping things in perspective and staying mindful that the world extends far beyond the bounds of our work. We stay involved in the greater community, offering our time and support to numerous charitable organizations (including Big Brothers / Big Sisters, The American Red Cross, The United Way, and The American Cancer Association). Every Friday we “Dress Down for a Good Cause” and raise funds for numerous charities – in exchange for the privilege of wearing jeans to the office!