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Customer Loyalty Programs

Build B2B customer retention with a customer loyalty program.


Our customer loyalty programs have helped businesses:

  • Boost sales channel revenue
  • Gather valuable customer data and insights
  • Increase mindshare among channel partners and contractors
  • Strengthen relationships with dealers, resellers and customers
  • Improve customer retention rate
  • Improve multi-channel marketing strategies
  • Increase profit margins
  • Identify and engage product end-users
  • Establish competitive differentiation
  • Acquire and retain customers

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How do Loyaltyworks B2B customer loyalty incentive programs help businesses?


Want to know more about how to run a successful B2B customer loyalty program? Our Channel Incentives Playbook covers:

  • Running a loyalty program for a complex sales channel
  • Targeting your B2B loyalty program audience
  • Budgeting for your program
  • The psychology that makes loyalty rewards effective
  • … and more!

Loyaltyworks B2B customer loyalty and distributor incentives programs are more than just reward mechanisms. Our programs are complete sales and marketing tools designed specially for businesses that sell through other businesses (B2B). B2B customer loyalty programs set you apart from your competitors, boost sales channel revenue and establish differentiation by:

  • Gathering valuable customer data and insights from program enrollment forms
  • Delivering tangible, memorable rewards to increase customer retention among your most important customers
  • Offering incentive rewards to expand product knowledge and skill sets through online training
  • Gaining purchase and market insights by offering rewards for filling out online surveys
  • Auditing sales claims quickly and more securely with online, mobile-friendly claims documentation upload
  • Scheduling multiple, simultaneous sales promotions targeting specific dealers, regions or departments
  • Tying your business objectives to your channel program goals for a unique, aligned incentive strategy

So what do we mean by “complete marketing and sales tools”?

A configurable, plug-and-play incentive platform that builds customer loyalty and increases sales through your distributors.

Loyaltyworks provides full-service support for all B2B customer loyalty incentive programs. Here’s what you get when you partner with us:

Online rewards catalog

Your customers can choose from millions of brand-name merchandise, travel rewards and event tickets.

ROI-certified account management

Loyaltyworks account managers are ROI-certified to provide you the best practice strategies that ensure your program accomplishes your goals.

Add-on modules

Our pre-programmed modules have specialized tools and features you can add on to enhance and customize your loyalty program anytime to build the B2B sales and marketing solution you need.

The basic package

All Loyaltyworks customer loyalty programs start off with a basic package system that includes everything you need to kick off a successful BThruB loyalty program.

Use your incentive program’s free, multichannel communication tool to regularly connect to participants through email, text, flyers and more!
Full, 24-7 access to 40+ free program activity and data reports allows you to measure your program’s progress and identify areas for improvement.

For more information on how a Loyaltyworks customer loyalty program can deliver outstanding results for you, call 800-844-5000 or send us a message.