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Distribution Channel Incentive Programs

Strengthen partnerships and gain market share with a distribution channel incentive program.

Your sales channel partners will sell your product when they better understand them, especially if they are rewarded for doing so. Our distribution channel incentive programs help B2B companies manage, engage, educate and motivate channel partners. This robust tool gives you 24-7 access to view, manage and update your program. You can even track sales in real time so you know which products are selling and how much revenue those products are generating.

Loyaltyworks distributor incentives programs help you:

  • Build mind share and encourage distributor loyalty to your brand and products
  • Improve your gross margins by promoting the products you want to move
  • Educate your dealers and channel partners on the features and benefits of your products
  • Differentiate you from your competition and improve distribution channel engagement
  • Increase customer retention rates of your high-value customers
  • Build stronger long-term relationships with all of your sales channels

channel incentive playbook

Download our free Channel Incentive Playbook pdf to learn more about using channel incentive programs to develop stronger partnerships and increase sales throughout your distribution network.

To find out more about how a Loyaltyworks channel sales incentive or B2B loyalty program can deliver outstanding results for you, call (800) 844-5000 or send us a message. You can also visit our Who We’ve Helped section to see how our various incentive programs are helping our clients succeed, or download our free Channel Incentive Playbook for more insights on how incentive programs can improve channel sales business.

Plug And Play Modules

To maximize your distribution and channel sales incentive programs check out the following modules:

Learn & Earn Module

Hosts quizzes and surveys, and allows you to upload full training curriculum and classes.

Performance Tracking Module
Keeps track of sales and audits based on thresholds you set.
Open Enrollment Module

Allows uninvited participants to sign up for your incentive program.

Org. Structure & Advanced Reporting Module

Organizes data flow and allows structured access and responsibilities.