Distribution Channel Incentive Programs

Create strong lasting partnerships with a distributor incentive program.

Sales channel partners typically sell the products they know and trust. Loyaltyworks’ channel incentive programs reward your channel partners for learning about and developing that trust in your product, and then for selling it. It’s a win-win for everyone. You develop loyalty and gain mindshare with your channel partners. They gain access to millions of rewards just for learning about and selling your product.

Your channel incentive program will equipped with 60+ reports that let you see what promotions and strategies are generating revenue for you in real-time. This allows you to make decisions on the fly about what products you need to focus on in order to accomplish your sales objectives.

Loyaltyworks distributor incentives programs help you:

  • Increased revenue generation of up to 32%
  • Increased mind share and brand loyalty
  • Targeted product promotions, helping you maximize gross margins
  • Increased motivation in your partners to learn more about your product, keeping you top of mind
  • Noticeable increases in product knowledge
  • Differentiation from your competition, allowing you to stand out above the crowd
  • Marked increases in customer retention rates, especially among your high-value, high
    point earning customers
  • More valuable relationships and stronger connections with your customer base

channel incentive playbook

Download our free Channel Incentive Playbook pdf to learn more about using channel incentive programs to develop stronger partnerships and increase sales throughout your distribution network.

We even provide you with a ROI-certified account manager that can help walk you through setting up and managing your program. They’ll guide you through the numbers, the optional add on modules, the reports, the admin and participant portals, and the rewards you’ll be providing to your partners. That way you know exactly how powerful of an investment our program is for you. We’ll help you get your money’s worth out of every point you reward.

For more information, simply fill out the contact form above, and one of our representatives will contact you very shortly to discuss how our channel incentive programs and distributor incentives can impact your business.

Plug And Play Modules

To maximize your distribution and channel sales incentive programs check out the following modules:

Learn & Earn Module

Hosts quizzes and surveys, and allows you to upload full training curriculum and classes.

Performance Tracking Module
Keeps track of sales and audits based on thresholds you set.
Open Enrollment Module

Allows uninvited participants to sign up for your incentive program.

Org. Structure & Advanced Reporting Module

Organizes data flow and allows structured access and responsibilities.