Employee Recognition and Rewards Programs

Improve employee retention through employee recognition and incentive rewards.

Modern employees are a little different than generations past. Nowadays, employees have a deep-seated need to receive employee recognition consistently in order to blossom and grow. To make your business successful in this climate, and to keep employee retention high in your workplace, you need to recognize modern employee culture, then harness it and align it with your own goals.

That sounds easier said than done.

Our employee recognition programs are simple to use and allow you to utilize communications, data, and feedback to show your employees you understand them and care about how they feel. They also allow you to incentivize education and product knowledge, meaning that not only are your employees well trained, they’re also extremely happy about it. When employees are properly educated, confident in their roles, and feel pride in their accomplishments and their team, they thrive. Employee retention and engagement are natural byproducts of this kind of culture.

All right, let’s get to the goodies.

Loyaltyworks’ employee recognition program Basic Package provides you with everything you’ll need to start fostering your company’s employee-motivating culture. It includes:

The Online Rewards Catalog

Our program offers millions of exciting and diverse reward choices to your employees, including brand-name merchandise, travel rewards, event tickets, and more.

Communications Tool

This free, multichannel communication plan lets you regularly connect to participants through email, text, flyers and more!

Free Program Reports

Do your employees enjoy your program and find it engaging? Find out that and more instantly with full, 24-7 access to 40+ free program activity and data reports. These allow you to identify areas for improvement in real time.

Build unique employee incentive programs with add-on modules!

Beef up your employee recognition program with our additional plug and play modules. These allow you to configure your program to address your specific goals, while also making your program that much more engaging for your employees! Let’s take a look:

These are the modules we recommend using for employee incentive programs.


Fire up the competitive instinct in your sales employees with a public leaderboard ranking top performers.

Total Recognition Suite

The Total Recognition Suite functions as a social media wall similar to Facebook. Employees can recognize each other’ accomplishments…or rile each other up with competitive roasts, if that’s their style!

Learn and Earn

Instill greater product knowledge in your team by offering employee rewards for completing surveys, passing quizzes and participating in Daily Trivia.

Mobile App

These days, people are using or near their phones for most of their day, so take advantage of it! An incentives mobile app makes your program easy and convenient to access.

Quick Points

Reward employees on the spot with e-mail or paper reward points certificates when they go above and beyond the call of duty. All certificates have unique QR codes so points can be scanned and automatically added to participant accounts.

These are just a few of the tools you can use to boost employee retention. Our employee recognition programs are advanced, flexible, and powerful. Combine these with our vast online reward catalog, which contains millions of reward choices, and you’ll inspire real loyalty while also building a culture of recognition.

To find out more about how our employee recognition programs can help you increase employee retention, contact us and one of our specialists will contact you shortly!