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Listening Is The First Step Toward Creating A Successful Incentive Or Loyalty Program

We take a proven, comprehensive approach to designing, launching and running a successful program. Our methodology involves 5 core stages:


While we research your business, we will work with you to identify and understand key business & performance issues to determine how Loyaltyworks can help.


Our Loyaltyworks team will apply these learnings to define a strategy and propose a solution concept to include rules structure, cost estimates and a basic ROI or ROO (return on objective) analysis.


Once you (the client) accept and commit to a concept, we jointly firm up the program design, determining all aspects of the program deliverables as well as final program scope, timelines and pricing.


An experienced Account Team uses a mutually agreed-upon “design document” as the blueprint in facilitating the program’s successful development, launch and beyond.


Your Account Manager works with you in directing and managing the ongoing performance of your program or promotion. At key points during program delivery, we measure satisfaction, review how we’re meeting expectations and provide program enhancement or improvement recommendations – All in an ongoing effort to help you achieve your objectives and maximize your program’s results.

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