Effective Incentive Program Design

This is how an effective incentive program design is born.

A successful incentive, loyalty or recognition program needs a well thought-out incentive program design. The program’s set-up has to achieve a balance, where the client, participant and solution provider all perceive a desired level of benefit. These three pillars form the basis for what we call “The Balanced Triangle ” of an effective program.

As part of our implementation approach, Loyaltyworks incorporates the “Triangle” concept into every incentive program design and strategy. The resulting program:

  1. Generates measurable return for the client that meets their objectives
  2. Provides compelling, meaningful rewards to program participants
  3. Becomes sustainable and makes sense to the solution provider

Toward Achieving This Critical Balance, Our Expert Solutions Team Follows A Proven Methodology That:

  • Identifies critical business and performance issues
  • Pinpoints the group(s) that must be influenced to address those issues
  • Determines specific measurable, achievable program objectives
  • Establishes reward rules and value propositions
  • Addresses communication/promotion strategies and tactics
  • Lays out overall scope, deliverables, timelines and pricing
  • Determines requirements/processes necessary to develop, launch and manage the program effectively and efficiently
  • Models return on investment (ROI ) / return on objective (ROO)

Our clients have found that incorporating this approach to program design also ensures a mutual setting of appropriate expectations for the program.

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