Online Rewards and Advanced Incentive Program Technology

The Best Loyalty Program Software With The Best Rewards – Millions of Them

Loyaltyworks’ incentive programs are built with user happiness and engagement in mind. For incentive programs to be successful, they have to be rewarding for both managers and participants. They should have:

  • Easy to use loyalty program software
  • Millions of reward options, from small curiosities to opulent travel choices
  • Easily comprehensible oversight, data, and communication systems

So about those millions of rewards…

Reward options define incentive programs in customers’ eyes, which is where it counts the most. With Loyaltyworks, the sky is the limit on what they can earn. How excited do you think your customers would be to earn any of these?


Name brand merchandise, including home goods, electronics, tools, jewelry, sporting goods, video games and more.


Hotel stays, airline tickets, car rentals, and destination based activities.

Uniquely Yours

Custom reward options for high point earners. If they want it, we’ll make it happen.

Event Tickets

Tickets to events, such as sports, concerts, theme parks, plays, symphonies, Olympic games, Nascar and more.


Participants can indulge in the instant gratification of immediately downloadable Fandango tickets or Redbox movie rental codes.

But what do you get out of it?

For you, the program administrator, we set you up with one of our ROI-certified account managers to help custom craft an incentive program that accomplishes the goals you’ve set for your business. Our incentive programs include:

Account Management
Your program administrators’ playground. Here your admins will have full access and control over your program.
Program Reporting
Measure the success of your incentive program with access to over 40 free, standard reports.
Participant Portal
Your participants’ playground. This is where they will come to interact with your program.
Communication is key to your program’s success. Learn more about our free, 12-month communication plan.

We work with the best vendors to bring you the best rewards.