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Umbrella Programs

Easily Manage All Of Your Incentive Reward Programs Under One Umbrella

Eliminate the headache of trying to manage multiple incentive reward programs throughout your company. Instead, combine your employee engagement, sales incentives and customer loyalty programs under one “umbrella” with a single incentive provider.

Loyaltyworks umbrella incentive programs make it easy for you to automate and streamline multiple incentive programs under one flexible, easy to manage incentive rewards platform.

By uniting your corporate incentive programs we can help you:

  • Combine and manage multiple company-wide incentive programs with one incentive provider
  • Combine multiple reward programs with regional and departmental levels of control
  • Easily track employee engagement, sales performance, workplace safety behaviors and customer loyalty around the globe, on a single reward program technology platform
  • Increase corporate incentive efficiencies and overall cost-effectiveness
  • Easily track each reward programs cost, budget and ROI
  • Take advantage of a single, common rewards currency (points)
  • Align global incentives strategy, while implementing locally and tailoring individual reward programs to each audience
  • Aim specific reward programs at all audiences, or individual audiences
  • Relieve administrative burden

By housing all of your incentive reward programs with one incentive provider (under one umbrella), you eliminate the need to pay multiple setup fees on multiple reward programs and websites.

To see how Loyaltyworks umbrella programs are working for a variety of businesses, feel free to review some client program examples.

To speak with a representative about combining your employee engagement, sales incentives and customer loyalty programs with one incentive provider (umbrella incentive program) call us at Loyaltyworks at 800-844-5000 or send us a message.