The Integration Services Module

The Integration Services Module integrates your rewards program with your business applications or software.

Have proprietary software? Need your rewards program built into it? Then the Integration Services Module is for you. It lets your participants log into your reward program directly from your site. This streamlines their visit and makes them that much more likely to enjoy and continue using your program, and to continue using your goods and services.


Use The Integration Services Module To

  • Allow users who are already logged into your website to skip the reward program login and go directly to the home page of your incentive program’s website Retrieve real time information about any participant’s point account
  • Display point balances to the participant anywhere on your program website
  • Add or remove points in real-time from a participant’s account
  • Compliment the Performance Tracking module to automate data transfer and/or do away with the need for your participant to enter the same information into both your system and the reward program
  • Integration Services supports Single Sign-On, Point Account Management, Tracking (Claims), and Profile Transfers.

To find out more about how the Integration Services Module can deliver outstanding results, call 800-844-5000 or send us a message.