The Learn and Earn Module

The Learn and Earn Module helps you encourage employee training, product knowledge, customer feedback and more.

Want to encourage salespeople to brush up on product knowledge? Motivate employees to learn and grow? Reward customers for submitting surveys and feedback? You can do all that and more with The Learn and Earn Module. Deliver custom quiz, survey or daily trivia content to employees, sales teams, channel partners or customers. Whether your goal is to boost employee training and skills sets, expand product knowledge or gather customer feedback, you can use your rewards program to spread the kind of knowledge that improves your business.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, an untrained workforce can cost as much as 150% of their annual wage in lost productivity. Allowing your employees or sales organization to remain uneducated about your company’s culture and objectives can lead to disengagement at work, lack of mind share from distributors, and an unfocused lack of implementation.


When your employees better understand their roles and your company, they make smarter choices that are more closely aligned with your objectives – which makes you more profitable. The Learn and Earn Module keeps your participants engaged in education, and your reward program, by offering training incentives and rewards for staying up to date with company products and objectives.


Use The Learn And Earn Module To:

  • Create a continual education curriculum inside of your reward program that builds participant knowledge about your products, services, features and benefits.
  • Easily upload and launch surveys, quizzes and training content into your reward program in any form you wish.
  • Give your participants access to millions of rewards in your reward program when they successfully complete their training.
  • Deliver custom Daily Trivia so participants can regularly enjoy the fun of answering questions and get into the habit of visiting your reward program frequently.

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