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Organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting

Order And Structure

The Organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting Module lets you organize your incentive program’s reporting and administration into various managerial levels that reflect the nuances of your organization. Incentive programs can be designed to contain their own units and sub-units, each with their own reporting and budget metrics, admin control and program communications. Each sub-unit can be assigned to department heads or district managers, who may run the program for which they are responsible, freeing you up to focus on other important duties and tasks.

Use The Organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting Module To:

    Define multiple rule structures, language defaults and countries
    Define multiple distributors with unique input pages
    Define units and their relationships to assigned participants
    Define managers for each unit based on region, country, promotion etc.
    Restrict access to managers on a “need to know” basis, based on unit, region, etc.
    Manage participants based on assigned organizational units
    Segment reporting by organizational unit

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