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Participant Portal

Ground Level Engagement

Gives your participants an engaging method of direct access to your goals, objectives, recognition and motivation.

Reward Experience

The participant portal of the Loyaltyworks online marketing platform gives your participants access to a fully interactive reward experience where you can engage them in your objectives and goals in a fun way.

The main attraction for any participant is obviously the reward catalog. No one will give your incentive program a second look if they don’t feel like there’s something in it for them. With over 15 million items in our online reward catalog, there is definitely something to entice all participants. And for those high earners, we offer a Uniquely Yours option where they can custom design or select the reward they want. Our robust catalog offers items from a wide range of categories such as:

  • Name brand merchandise
  • Home goods
  • Electronics
  • Travel
  • Home furnishings
  • Video games
  • Jewelry
  • Travel
  • Event tickets
  • Local destination tickets
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Computers
  • Uniquely Yours

The reward experience ensures that your participants have a reason to engage in your rewards program.


Increase dedication

When your participants access your incentive program, they gain access to one of the most engaging reward program platforms available. Not only does the participant portal give them access to their point balance and our online reward catalog, it gives them a way to connect to your company’s culture wherever they are.

The participant portal gives your participants direct access to relevant information about your company’s products, services, promotions you are running, and the reward mall. If you add enhancement modules to your reward program, such as the Learn and Earn module (a module used so your participants can take part in your company training curriculum’s and access quizzes and surveys) or the Total Recognition Suite (a module used to create a company social wall that gives them the ability to share success stories, recognize their peers, and receive recognition from management) you truly create a virtual playground that will keep your participants in tune with your goals and objectives.

This kind of connection and employee recognition increases the amount of emotional stock your participants place in your company, which dictates how much of their dedication and energy they’re willing to invest in your goals. All they have to do is login and they’ll be plugged into a program that motivates and engages them in improving your business on a consistent basis.