The Performance Tracking Module

Gather sales data and track sales goal performance with The Performance Tracking Module.

When you have a sales incentive program, you gain more purchase and sales data. At the same time, you’ll set important sales goals you need to meet. The Performance Tracking Module allows you to capture all the sales data flowing into your incentive program, while providing real-time sales goal tracking. It acts as a sales performance driver and a sales incentive tracker that keeps you on-track to meet your goals.


The Performance Tracking Module allows you to input thresholds that flag certain claims for auditing and verification process. This lightens the administrative burden of an incentive program and ensures financial integrity. If a sales rep inputs a sale over $10,000, for example, and your auditing threshold is  $10,000, the claim is audited and verified before the points are paid out. You can  choose to pend all sales claims, making them subject to delivery or payment requirements.

Use Performance Tracking to:

  • Gain end user customer data from your distribution and channel networks.
  • Manage multiple sales promotions that target different participant segments with different rules.
  • Load product serial numbers for validation.
  • Collect all the information you need through the online claims form, and program your own audit parameters for each field.
  • Receive supplemental claims verification files (such as invoices) uploaded directly to your program by participants.
  • Prevent duplicate claims.
  • Reduce your risk with automatic verifications and audits.
  • Customize audit instructions by promotion.
  • Track participants’ progress towards sales performance goals.
  • Communicate status back to participants on a real time basis.

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