The Quick Points Module

Provide immediate motivation with on-the-spot reward points.

Losing an employee is expensive. It cuts into your time and budget to train a new hire. You also have to deal with lost productivity, lost sales, lowered employee morale and more. One of the easiest ways to prevent employee turnover, and to produce employee engagement in your workplace, is with on-the-spot recognition. The Quick Points Module allows you to deliver instant reward points to employees. Quick, on-the-spot employee recognition boosts morale, sets the standard for employee performance and lets employees know you notice and appreciate their excellence.

Quick Points mean quick rewards and positive reinforcement.

The Quick Points module gives department heads and managers the ability to issue fixed-value reward program certificates. Each certificate has a reward points value embedded in the serial number.

Quick Points, Even Quicker Rewards

  • As managers notice employees going above or beyond their basic job descriptions, they simply hand them a Quick Points certificate.
  • All the participant has to do is enter the serial number from the certificate into your online reward program.
  • The points are then automatically added to their account, ready to be redeemed on any of the millions of different reward items available, some items are even available for in-store pickup on the same day.

Quick Points work better than cash incentives or gift card rewards because they are instant – as soon as the behaviors you want to promote are performed. There is a clear SOX compliant audit trail too, which keeps your finance team happy.

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