Incentive Program Measurement and Reporting

With real-time incentive program measurement and reporting, you always know how close you are to your goals.

To truly assess the performance of any incentive, loyalty or recognition program, you need to establish your program KPI’s and how you measure their success. At Loyaltyworks, our core values include a laser focus on incentive program measurement and accountability. We work with you to determine program strategy and objectives, then provide tools and support to help you monitor your program’s success every step of the way.

Custom Reports Include:

  • Research (telephone, print, focus groups, Web)
  • Data and database strategy
  • Data audit
  • Segmentation (rule-based and knowledge-based)
  • Profiling (customer, buyer/non-buyer, product)
  • Modeling
  • Response model
  • Attrition/remorse model
  • Lifetime value/profitability model
  • Model scoring
  • Persistency analysis
  • Data enhancements
  • Data cleansing
  • Data mining

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