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Sales Incentive Programs

Increase sales with a sales incentive program that’s made to meet your goals.

Here’s how we tie sales incentive programs to the goals you want to achieve.

Loyaltyworks helps you identify your company’s unique challenges to create a custom sales incentives plan. Use our advanced, multi-purpose sales incentive programs technology to motivate sales teams in many ways, and align your program performance with your goals.

  • Motivate go-getter, top performers with a Leaderboard they can dominate.
  • Increase product knowledge and selling confidence with online training incentives.
  • Drive sales motivation among mid- to low-performing salespeople with easy-to-earn rewards.
  • Track and measure program progress in real-time with 40+ program reports, ensuring you’re always on the fastest path to increase sales.
  • Ramp up participation with convenient sales claims submission and rewards shopping via mobile app.
  • Keep participants engaged with communications and marketing that can be customized and personalized.
  • Set specific goals for multiple sales promotions with individual department, regional or district participant groups.
  • …all in one sales motivation platform!

When sales incentive programs deliver top motivation techniques, salespeople deliver top performances.

Here’s what you get with Loyaltyworks sales incentive programs.

Our Basic Package sets sales incentive programs up for success.

All the bare necessities you’ll need to launch and maintain a successful sales incentive plan come with our set-up bundle, which we call the Basic Package. The Basic Package consists of the following:

Incentive Technology Platform

Included with our basic incentive platform are administrative and front-end participant portals, along with an online rewards catalog featuring millions of merchandise rewards, travel opportunities and event tickets.

Incentive Program Design

We get down in the trenches with you to get to know your business, identify your pain points and create a unique sales incentive plan to address them.

Program Management

You’ll get an ROI-certified Account Managers who works with you side-by-side to ensure you get the results you want from your program. We’ll be your strategic partner and advisor in motivating salespeople.

Reward Fulfillment

Make sure your program participants’ rewards arrive quickly and securely. We work directly with our rewards vendors so we can provide top-notch reward fulfillment.


Your program activity and engagement levels stay high with our investment in you: a 12-month, multichannel communication plan that includes phone calls, emails, texts, mail-outs and more!

Reports & Analytics

Measure your program’s progress and identify ways to steal market share and increase sales with 40+ incentive program data and activity reports available to you 24/7.

Pre-programmed modules deliver specialized, program-enhancing features.

We offer pre-programmed, add-on modules, all with their own specialized features and functionality, so you can custom build a sales incentive program that meets your unique business needs.

These are the modules we recommend using for a stellar sales incentive program.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

Integrate our sales incentives software with your existing CRM system for streamlined sales tracking and data flow.


Motivate sales people and spark competitive instinct with a public leaderboard ranking top performing salespeople.

Learn and Earn

Knowledge is power—it’s also a powerful sales incentive. Offering salespeople rewards for completing surveys, passing quizzes and participating in Daily Trivia.


Spark greater participation in sales incentive programs with fun games like Spin to Win or Scratch Off. No one can resist flirting with Lady Luck.

Mobile App

Engage salespeople in the place where they live—i.e., their phones! A sales incentives mobile app is the best way to hold the attention of on-the-go, in-the-field salespeople.

Performance Tracking

Use a powerful sales performance tracking system that lets you set goals, schedule multiple or simultaneous sales promotions and validate sales claims with documentation uploading.

Organizational Structure & Advanced Hierarchy

Organize stand-alone billing buckets and reports for individual groups in sales incentive programs, separated by district, region, reseller, etc.

Quick Points

Reward behaviors on the spot with e-mail or paper reward points certificates. Every certificate has a unique QR code so points can be scanned and automatically added to participant accounts.

Total Recognition Suite

Engage salespeople with a social media wall where they can recognize each other’s achievements or show off. And a little trash talk could make competition fiercer!

Why partner with us? Because our sales incentive programs work.

Our case studies prove time and again that our strategy—tying incentive program goals to company objectives, developing custom online incentive programs and providing ongoing program measurement and ROI support—works to increase sales.

National Manufacturer Increases Sales, Engages Distributors and Boosts Customer Loyalty

Results: 39% program enrollment increase over a one-year period

Global Powerhouse Increases Sales and Profitability with a Reward Program

Results: 32% increase in sales and +20% increase in margin year over year from program participants

Construction Equipment Distributor Builder Contractor Loyalty Employee Incentive Company

Results: 40% increase of annual sales among program participants

Learn more about sales incentive programs that take your team from “status quo” to “status whoa.”