Sales Incentive Programs

Increase sales with a sales incentive program that’s made to meet your goals.

These days, marketplaces are crowded and competitive. Sales and marketing strategies have to be targeted and agile. The last thing you need when trying to motivate sales teams in these conditions is a sales incentive program that’s frustrating to manage and doesn’t align with your goals. Wouldn’t it be better to have a sales incentive plan that includes flexible sales performance and tracking tools?The Loyaltyworks approach to sales incentives is multi-pronged. Our tools help you reach your goal of sales dominance by:

  • Motivating star performers to go further than ever before with a leaderboard they can compete to own.
  • Increasing product knowledge and confidence through online training programs, complete with rewards.
  • Driving motivation in lower tier performers with easier to earn rewards.
  • Tracking program data points in real-time with 60+ program reports, so you always know your key areas where you have an opportunity to increase sales.
  • Making participation easy with super simple sales claims submission and rewards shopping through the mobile app.
  • Keeping participants attention on your sales incentive program with marketing and communications that can be personalized to suit your audience.
  • Setting specific goals for multiple sales promotions with individual department, regional or district participant groups.

These engagement drivers combine to create competitive and loyal salespeople who support your company and its pursuit of sales supremacy. All of this is accomplished with our unique sales incentive marketing tools. When you team up with Loyaltyworks, you get:

The Basic Package

The basic package gives you admin and participant portals, along with access to our vast reward catalog.

Sales Incentive Program Design

We dig into what your business is, identify your primary pain points, and design a custom program that helps you meet and exceed your sales goals.

Incentive Program Management

Our ROI-certified account managers work with meticulously with you every step of the way during your program’s run period to ensure your program is running efficiently, as desired, and is producing the results you need.

Reward Fulfillment

We work tirelessly to ensure your participants’ rewards show up on time and 100% as advertised, ensuring their satisfaction with the program, and their loyalty to your business plan.

Communications Tool

This free, 12 month multichannel communication tool lets you regularly connect to participants through email, text, flyers and more!

Free Program Reports

Know everything about your program instantly with full, 24-7 access to 40+ free program activity and data reports. Easily measure your program’s progress and identify any areas for improvement.

Why partner with us? Because our sales incentives programs work.

National Manufacturer Increases Sales, Engages Distributors and Boosts Customer Loyalty

Results: 39% program enrollment increase over a one-year period

Global Powerhouse Increases Sales and Profitability with a Reward Program

Results: 32% increase in sales and +20% increase in margin year over year from program participants

Construction Equipment Distributor Builder Contractor Loyalty Employee Incentive Company

Results: 40% increase of annual sales among program participants

Learn more about sales incentive programs that take your team from “status quo” to “status whoa.”