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Value Added Reseller Incentive Programs

Give Your Resellers The Motivation To Sell

Value added reseller (VAR) incentive programs offer a quick and easy medium to engage, communicate with, and reward all of your channel partners, building mind-share around your brand and increasing the sales of your products.

Incentive programs give your value added resellers the knowledge and the motivation they need to sell your product more often, and rewards them for doing so! Giving your resellers these tools helps to enhance your business prospects in the future and gives you an edge on your competition – ensuring continued success and greater ROI.

Our online reward platform gives your resellers millions of different reward items to choose from, including music and movie downloads, travel and event tickets, and top name-brand merchandise. The more reward choices a rewards program has, the more desirable it’s going to be to participants.

Music & Movie Downloads

Travel & Event Tickets

Name-brand Merchandise

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Plug And Play Modules

To maximize your value added reseller incentive programs check out the following modules:

Performance Tracking Module

Keeps track of sales and audits those sales based on thresholds you set.

Open Enrollment Module

Allows uninvited participants to sign up for your program.

Organizational Structure & Advanced Reporting Module

Organizes your data flow and allows structured access and responsibilities.