The Mobile App Module

Increase rewards program engagement with Loyaltyworks’ loyalty app.

Loyaltyworks’ loyalty app makes it easy for you to communicate your program’s objectives to your participants. Everyone in your program can access it directly from their mobile devices, no matter where they are!

Why is a loyalty program app so important?

Mobile devices have re-defined how people engage with the online world. Pew research says that 95% of Americans own smartphones and one-in-five are “smartphone dependent.” In other words, their only Internet access is through their mobile phones.

Here’s the difference a loyalty app makes.

The Loyaltyworks loyalty app puts the power of your incentive program directly into your participants’ hands. They don’t have to wait to login, they simply tap the app and they’re plugged directly into your program.

The best thing about our loyalty app is its ease of use. Do your participants need to input a barcode in order to claim points in a sales promotion? All they have to do is use scan the barcode with their phone’s scanner, which is built into their camera. Then they can send their claim for processing instantly. Maybe they want to look up in-store items in your digital rewards catalog, so they can redeem their points instead of spending money. All they have to do is open the shopping section of the app, use the scanner built into their mobile camera and they can redeem points, or add the item to their wish list on the spot. They don’t have to wait until later, when they’ve forget all about it.

Our loyalty program app keeps your program top of mind while your participants are on the go. That’s crucial to any modern program’s success.

Our app is supported through the following platforms:

  • iOS 6 and up
  • Android 2.3 and up
  • Windows Phone 8 and up

Pricing starts at $7,500 (one time fee) with a monthly maintenance fee of $100 and includes a mobile optimized website at no additional fee.

Standard features on each loyalty program app include:
  • Enrollments– This lets anyone enroll in your app, whether you have open enrollment or closed enrollment, your participants can now register as an incentive program participant directly from their device.
  • Saved Logins– Once your participants login, the app automatically recognizes and logs them in on all future uses unless they sign out or the device’s operating system is updated.
  • Welcome Page– This is a page where you welcome your participants to your program and can communicate your brand and your incentive program’s messaging directly to them.
  • Mobile Announcements– Make announcements via push notifications of new features, updates, points added, etc. directly to their device.
  • History– Participants can easily view their history of point redemptions, claims and more, right from their phone with nothing more than the swipe of a finger.
  • Contact Us– Help is on the way and faster than ever. When your participants need help with their program, they simply click the button, and we service their needs.
  • Profile– The participant’s profile can be edited directly from their mobile device. It’s fast, easy, and your participants will love it.
  • Shopping– With features like the wish list and the ability to scan items in real time using their camera’s photo app, our mobile app makes participating in your incentive program more attractive and easier than ever.
  • Quick Points– Quick Points have never been quicker. All the participant has to do is scan the code on the Quick Points certificate with their device’s camera and their points are added to their account immediately.
  • Performance Tracking– Claims and sales can be input into your reward incentive program directly from the field and faster than ever. Participants can even use their mobile device’s camera to scan UPC’s to allow for easy product input.
  • Push Notifications– This lets participants get notification about their incentive program account immediately, with no extra text charges. This feature is guaranteed to keep your incentive program top of mind at all times.

Watch any of our videos to learn more about our incentive program mobile app.

Reward Program Mobile App

Performance Tracking

Quick Points Functionality

Shopping Feature

If you’d like to learn more about the Loyaltyworks mobile app and how it can secure your program’s place in the future, call us at 1-800-844-5000 or message us. We’d love to give you a free demo of all the new and exciting features.