The Best Way to Achieve B2B Customer Retention

b2b customer retention

Your company’s goal is to increase sales through customer retention. Only problem? Your company sells to other businesses, not consumers. So taking the B2C customer re-engagement route with stamp cards and promos is not only inefficient, it could be disastrous. As Sean Geehan, author of The B2B Executive Playbook puts it, B2B companies should implement […]


Sales Compensation vs Incentives – Is There a Difference?

sales compensation vs sales incentives

The long and short of it – yes. Sales compensation and sales incentives are often seen as two types of performance-based “rewards” that motivate salespeople to perform at a higher level. Truth is, only one of them does that effectively. The other – sales compensation or, a commission – is best used to anchor salespeople […]


What’s the Difference Between Commission and Incentives?

commission and incentives

Commission and incentives aren’t the same. Not only are commission and sales incentives awarded for different reasons, each have a unique mental impact on the receiver. Now, what exactly are commission and sales incentives, and how are they different? Commission: Always in cash form, commission is an income payment. It’s a percentage of a product […]


Better Ways to Use B2B Loyalty Software (Used)

b2b software meme

If you’re looking to increase channel partner sales, a B2B loyalty program gives you the competitive edge to motivate distributors and gain insight into end-user behavior. You can throw up any old online loyalty program, hoping it increases sales. But B2B loyalty programs – and this is important – are only as good as the […]


3 Fun Ways to Motivate Employees and Prevent Turnover

fun ways to motivate employees

Uncovering fun ways to motivate employees is one of the best parts to working in management. There’s nothing more exciting than watching sparks fly or seeing the look on someone’s face when they’re happy and excited to walk into work. How do you make employment more than a necessary evil? That takes some serious commitment […]


Driving Employee Engagement with Reward and Recognition Programs

driving employee engagement with reward and recognition

Learn how driving employee engagement with reward and recognition can be faster and easier than ever. By making programs more accessible, you naturally increase engagement. Every dollar you spend toward these programs returns a higher investment, and you wind up with a happier, more productive workforce. Convincing Employees to Take Part in Reward Programs Better […]


Incentive Programs: The Easiest Way to Structure Your Organization (Used)

easiest way to structure your organization

The Organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting Module is the easiest way to structure your organization reward program. Like many of the products in the Loyaltyworks family, this module makes it faster and simpler to keep an eye on progress. Designed in-house, this is just one of the extra resources we offer that integrate seamlessly with […]


The Most Effective Way to Increase Employee Learning and Boost Productivity

way to increase employee learning

The top way to increase employee learning is through natural motivation. When workers benefit in ways that are important to them and their families, they will go the extra mile to stay educated. Simply put, when you select the right incentives, you never lack for an informed workforce. Ongoing Education Has a Serious Impact on […]


What CRM Integrated Loyalty Programs Can Mean to Your Bottom Line (Used)

loyalty programs bottom line

Regardless of whether you are in the goods, services or manufacturing sector, point of sale customers are the single most significant asset of any outfit. Valued customers keep the organization running by providing a necessary revenue stream and feedback. Their consumer needs lead your company in a particular direction. Never forget that consumers drive the […]


How Reward Program Enrollment Software Helps You Gain Customer Data

reward program enrollment software

Reward or “loyalty” programs have been around for ages in one form or another. If you are post-Millennial in years, you may recall stores that handed out hard copy cards. After your ticket got punched a certain number of times, you received a free item. Other old-school reward cards offered discounts if you presented it […]