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4 Ways Sales Leaderboard Software Can Bring Out the Competitors in a Sales Team

sales leaderboard software

Sales leaderboard software is a simple and fool-proof way to create a sense of fun and competition within your sales team. This software helps you compile information about participants in an easy to use scoring system. You can choose to present data in many different ways to stimulate competition. Leaderboards are a great way to […]


How You Can Measure Sales Performance Without Pulling Your Hair Out

measure sales performance

Measuring sales performance doesn’t have to be difficult. Performance tracking modules are a great method of getting sales from a variety of devices in a centralized system. These modules make it much easier to see how sales are coming in, who is bringing in the most, and so much more. A performance tracking module offers […]


How to Increase Sales with Distributors

increase sales with distributors

Not all online loyalty programs are made equally, and most are tailored to employee-based incentives. Anyone can throw up an online loyalty program and hope to increases sales with distributors, but what is most important is how you run it and the technology you use so you do meet sales goals. Communicate with distributors often. […]


Best Tools for a Distributor Loyalty Strategy

best tools for a distributor loyalty strategy

The average modern consumer does research before making major purchases. For example, shopping for a new refrigerator now involves reading customer reviews, comparing brands and features, and making price comparisons. Today’s consumers have all this information and more right at their fingertips. They go to the store or showroom knowing exactly what they intend to […]


Best Tools for a Contractor Loyalty Strategy

best tools for a contractor loyalty strategy

Looking for the best way to build contractor loyalty? You are not alone. Many manufacturers struggle to expand their sales and grow their business. While some housing markets are on the rebound, markets are not fully stable overall. In these uncertain times, all sorts of companies are looking for new ways to keep growing. What […]


How Do Loyalty Incentives Work?

What makes customer loyalty incentives work? No one formula works for all organizations. All businesses are different, as are their customer bases. There are, however, a few golden rules everyone can follow to make loyalty incentives programs more efficient and effective. Customers must see a loyalty reward worth earning. First, the incentive reward must appeal […]


PART III. Learn and Earn Helps You Conquer Training Time Constraints

The Learn and Earn Module is gaining ever-greater recognition as a major way to increase your sales success. While there exist many reasons for this success, one stands out above the rest: It creates an incentive to spend time on training. Conquer training time constraints with learn and earn. Most sales departments and channel partners […]


PART II. Learn and Earn: The Solution to Lack of Product Knowledge

Wondering how the Learn and Earn Module plays into training and sales? Simple. It encourages members of your sales department to take product knowledge seriously, which in turn enables them to deliver prospects a better sales experience and in the end, greater results. Keep reading to learn the solution to lack of product knowledge. The […]


Have You Considered the Learn and Earn Module?

PART I. Sales Training – Learn and Earn Module Have you considered the Learn and Earn Module? Among the many models geared toward helping salespeople retain their training and stay at the top of their game, the Learn and Earn Module is fighting its way to the front. Sales is a difficult field. Without constant […]


What Makes Customer Loyalty Programs Work?

The basic concept of customer loyalty programs isn’t very different from marketing itself. The goal is to change customers’ behaviors. In marketing, you do this through educating, entertaining, or appealing to thriftiness or logic. But a marketing message can only take you so far. To go beyond their standard or basic purchases, customers need incentives […]