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Using Game of Thrones to Understand Sales Motivation

Understand Sales Motivation

A comprehensive sales motivation strategy isn’t always easy. Your salespeople might be bringing home the gold or losing their heads under pressure. Some may be motivated by travel incentives, while others value hard-earned, tangible trophies over cash rewards. With so many different personality types in any given sales team, it can be tough to know […]


A Game of Thrones Metaphor to Help You Motivate Salespeople

Help You Motivate Salespeople

If you manage or work with a sales team, you’re probably familiar with the 20-60-20 theory: the idea that sales employees can be sorted into negative laggards (20%), average performers (60%) and star performers (20%). With those different performance levels come different personalities and sources of motivation. That being said… thinking of salespeople in terms […]


Unraveling the Mysteries of Channel Marketing Management

Channel Marketing Management

Effective channel marketing management is hard to come by, especially in the start-up and small business environment. Part of the reason is these folks have great ideas but no clue as to how they should be marketed. The result? Around 90% of new startups will fail. Yeesh! Before you panic, take a deep breath. We’ve […]


How Do Incentives Stimulate the Sales Channel?

Sales Channel Partners

Often it’s not easy, as an HVAC supplier, to know where to begin when setting out to increase sales. Your end-consumers’ decisions often depend on input from distributors and contractors. Not to mention, people are generally uninformed or uninterested in the differences between HVAC brands. But there are effective marketing strategies available to you that […]


Motivate Sales Employees, Game of Thrones Style

Motivate Sales Employees

Common wisdom says that sales employees can be sorted into three groups: laggards, average performers, and star performers. Let’s make things fun and nerdy by likening these types of salespeople to the royal, warring Houses in HBO’s Game of Thrones: Greyjoys (laggards), Starks (average performers) and Lannisters (star performers). Sales teams can be split up […]