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How to Improve Global Channel Sales to Increase Engagement and Profits

increase global channel sales

Improving global channel sales requires having in-depth knowledge of who you’re likely to work with in a partnership. To operate on a grand scale, it’s unreasonable to try to know the minute details of each of your partners. However, groups of similar partners – based on culture, region, industry and other uniting factors – allow […]


Do You Know What Your Business Customer Buying Behavior Really Is?

business customer buying behavior

The internet is a leading contributor to change in business customer buying behavior – in a big way. While it’s possible to keep sales alive relying on old models, the struggle to connect is going to continue declining without a fresh approach. Benefits to switching up your sales methods are clear in today’s market, with […]


B2C vs. B2B Loyalty Programs

b2c vs b2b loyalty programs

When people think of loyalty programs, they most likely picture the kinds of programs they encounter in their daily lives: saving up travel miles for a free ticket, filling up a stamp card, or even just accumulating points to spend in an online rewards catalog. The team in charge of running the programs are usually […]


What’s the Difference Between B2C and B2B Loyalty Programs?

b2b loyalty programs

Upon first glance, B2C and B2B loyalty programs may seem very similar—after all, they have the same goals, right? Increase sales, customer loyalty, and collect program participant data. But the key difference between the two is size: B2C loyalty programs need to have broad appeal in order to attract as many participants as possible. B2B […]


How Are B2C and B2B Loyalty Programs Different?

difference between b2c and b2b loyalty programs

Sometimes it seems like those in business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing get all the fun stuff. The touchy-feely commercials and billboard campaigns, the viral Twitter hashtags, the attention of a mass audience, customer loyalty programs—but wait! B2C doesn’t get it all when it comes to loyalty programs. Business-to-business (B2B) companies should implement and manage B2B loyalty programs […]