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How to Implement Better Rebate Management

better rebate management

Better rebate management is a necessary process that a growing number of companies and businesses need to understand. Failure to correctly implement solid rebate procedures could easily result in a loss of customers, disgruntled employees, and more complications that can severely disrupt your business success. Below are a few simple tips for increasing your rebate […]


How Do Loyalty Programs Work?

loyalty programs loyalty rewards

To be able to answer the question “How do loyalty programs work?”, first we have to look at the why before the how. Why are loyalty programs so beneficial to companies? Why invest in one? Why do businesses want loyalty programs? To retain customers and channel partners. These programs are designed to engage customers and […]


The Top Five CRM and Loyalty Program Problems You Can Avoid

crm and loyalty program problems

CRM and loyalty program problems often plague many businesses. That’s because it is so easy to underestimate the power of these programs or to misunderstand how to implement them. We’ve all tried to create loyalty in simple ways and have seen it come back to either haunt us or shoot us in the foot when […]