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Ideas for Your Company’s Incentive Program

What is a great way to increase motivation among your employees?

Take a look into your employee rewards plan and business incentive program. Keeping your employees motivated can be tough, so updating your incentives plan for your employees can help to improve production in your company. Some of the best incentive plans include health and wellness programs, flexible hours, online points programs, individual and group incentives, networking events, bonuses, and offering learning opportunities.

  • Health and Wellness Program

A great way to keep your employees happy and healthy is to provide a health and wellness program. Providing gym memberships can be expensive and time consuming for a lot of individuals. Companies who value the importance of health and wellness among their employees are offering discounted gym memberships and will reward their employees for being actively involved in physical activities. Healthy employees are typically happier in the workplace, take less sick time, and tend to perform better for their company.


  • Flexible Hours

Working long and inconvenient hours can ensure employees are less likely to enjoy their work and that they will not put in full effort in their work. Many successful companies offer flexible work hours for their employees who have earned it. Allowing employees to choose their hours puts less stress on the employee, which in return helps produce better work production and better quality of work.

  • Setting Up a Points Program

Establishing a points program within the company is a great way to increase the quality and production of work done by the employees. The employees are able to redeem points that they have collected by producing quality work or by having a worthy achievement. A great way to further increase production is by making the point system visible for all the employees to see. Having a public point system can create motivation for other employees and add a little friendly-competition.

  • Individual and Group Incentives

Having healthy teamwork is essential in almost all companies. By allowing group incentives, you are allowing a group to come together to achieve a common goal together. Also, having individual incentives inspire people to work by themselves and increase motivation. Group incentives include company outings, like baseball games, picnics and team building exercises, such as company softball games or charity events

  • Hosting Networking Events

Communication is a key part in making a company productive. Allowing social events for employees to gather and communicate will increase communication during work hours. A happy network of employees can increase teamwork and work ethic within the company.

  • Bonuses Based on Production

Providing bonuses and increases in an employee’s paycheck is always a great way to increase motivation. Money is always a great way to motivate someone. Tracking your employee and how much they improve should determine how much of a bonus he or she should receive.

  • Offering Learning Opportunities for Employees

Offering training or learning opportunities for your employees is a great way to motivate. In order for an employee to be promoted, enhanced skill sets are required. Offering learning opportunities for your employees to increase their skill sets not only increases their knowledge, but it also motivates them to use their skill sets at work. These learning opportunities give your employees a way to become better workers, which will make the company more successful overtime.

Loyaltyworks focuses on ways to increase productivity within your company. These ideas are great ways to increase motivation in your employees by focusing on their well-being. Loyaltyworks works with your company to establish and maintain program’s that will increase production and improve the motivation with your employees.

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