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Loyaltyworks Employee Recognition Programs Increase Productivity And Reduce Employee Turnover


Loyaltyworks, an Atlanta-based provider of incentive programs, customer loyalty programs and employee recognition programs, is announcing a renewed focus on using their employee reward and recognition programs, powered by the RewardTrax Total Recognition Suite, to help their clients retain and motivate skilled, productive staff members. Loyaltyworks’ CEO Steve Damerow says “businesses across the board are realizing that they need to do everything they can to reduce employee turnover and the large costs associated with it. Keeping skilled and knowledgeable staff on board is proving to be a more profitable business model because you retain employees who know your business, its procedures and how to properly take care of your customers.”

The RewardTrax Total Recognition Suite is the online marketing technology behind Loyaltyworks reward and recognition programs. It gives clients and their participants a full incentive program platform, complete with an internal social network that makes it easy for employees to recognize their peers – creating an entire culture built around employee recognition and appreciation. The RewardTrax Total Recognition Suite offers other recognition tools, such as the following components:

·         Service Awards

·         Birthday Acknowledgements

·         On-The-Spot Recognition Awards

·         Peer-to-Peer Recognition Awards

·         Nomination Processes

·         Suggestion Awards

·         Associate Referral Program

·         Sales Referral Program

·         Training

·         Surveys and Quizzes

·         Performance Management

Damerow says, “When employees are fully engaged in their jobs, feel appreciated, and feel they successfully contribute to your company’s direct success, studies show they’re 87% less likely to pursue other career opportunities. When you consider the costs that employee turnover produces, an 87% reduction is a significant savings. Employee recognition programs give your company the strong, loyal and motivated workforce it needs to succeed in the modern marketplace – which is more competitive than ever.”

The management team of Loyaltyworks say this renewed focus, combined with updated reward and recognition technology, will provide their clients with maximum return on investment (ROI). Employee recognition programs are usually very successful, and according to the corporate executive board typically produce employees who are 57% more effective and engaged in their jobs. They’re confident their renewed efforts will produce even better results going forward.

About Loyaltyworks

Loyaltyworks is a provider of online incentive programs that include employee recognition programs, customer loyalty programs, and distributor loyalty programs that provides point-based reward platforms to a broad range of clients for over 30 years. Today, utilizing the RewardTrax system, Loyaltyworks provides incentive solution to a broad array of clients for the ISI group. The ISI group was recently recognized as an Inc. 5000 company and received AAA accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.



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