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Technology Now Making Cross-Border Incentive Programs Much More Practical

In the past, cross border incentives were not practical because you had to create a unique administrative and reward option program for each country. Expensive, with less ROI the more countries you add.

Now online incentive reward platforms allow you to communicate, manage both the administration and the rewards options with a click of a mouse.

Say you have distributors in 5 countries and 6 languages; you can set up unique communication, rules and report analytics for each country. The system recognizes the participant login address and shows only the relevant contest and reward items for that country or unique distributor.

At Loyaltyworks we have in country merchandise available to 50 countries, but candidly the 15 million US online reward mall options decline greatly dependent upon the foreign country. To counteract that declining choice and logistical delivery challenges, we offer virtual prepaid VISA gift cards. International e-code prepaid cards eliminate delivery, customs, theft and return issues associated with merchandise and “voucher” gift certificates. They are communicated and delivered via secure email. The prepaid, single funded or re-loadable cards are good at any online retailer throughout the world.

There is of course much more involved, but this is a start. Please call me at 678-574-0203 and I would be happy to help you design an incentive your boss will love, operational in weeks for minimal financial investment and IT involvement.

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