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9 Creative Marketing Strategies for Your B2B Loyalty Program

Ready to get your B2B loyalty program up and running, but looking for unique ways to promote it? Alternatively, maybe your existing B2B loyalty program is in dire need of some revitalization. Here are nine outside-the-box incentive marketing strategies that can take your program to the next level.

  1. Engage B2B customers with a kick-off contest!

Starting off with a bang can jumpstart life into your loyalty program right from its inception. Contest are an excellent way to both raise awareness of your program and motivate participants with a competitive spirit.

  1. Personalize loyalty program content to make it more meaningful.

Customizing program interfaces and email communications with participant names and logos are a quick way to make your communications pop.

  1. Offer a customer loyalty app to increase program participation.

Where’s your cell phone right now? We will take a wild guess and say it is right next to you. With smartphones so indispensable, these days, mobile availability ingrains your B2B loyalty program deeper into customers’ lives.

  1. Send personalized direct mail.

Research says consumers are almost twice as likely to take immediate action with direct mail than they are with emails. Take that a step further by adding personalization to direct mail campaign using customer data from your loyalty program participant database to guarantee you’ll be noticed.

  1. Offer sales promotions to specific customer groups.

People pay more attention to messages directed specifically to groups they are part of. Organize special sales promotions for select groups within your participant base (i.e., certain departments, companies, teams, or regions) to capture their attention.

  1. Allow open program enrollment.

Free-for-all loyalty program registration has a twofold benefit: first, it guarantees everyone in the program wants to participate—there’s nothing worse than a program full of indifferent people! Second, and most importantly, it helps you to gather vital B2B customer data that can help with channel marketing strategies and customer engagement.

  1. Integrate your program with your CRM system.

CRM integration has become the new industry standard regarding maintaining and analyzing customer data. By integrating your CRM with your loyalty program, you will not only be gaining access to that juicy participant data but also have the tools to streamline that information into effective new channel marketing strategies.

  1. Start loyalty program participants off with freebie points.

Giving new participants free points and other bonuses from the get-go can boost their level of engagement—up to 15%, according to researchers!

  1. Use program reports to inform marketing strategies.

Be sure to keep an eye on your program data, and use that information to shape your marketing approach. Being able to adapt your B2B marketing strategies to suit the needs of loyalty program participants is the best way to keep them engaged!