Better Ways to Use B2B Loyalty Software

If you’re looking to increase channel partner sales, a B2B loyalty program gives you the competitive edge to motivate distributors and gain insight into end-user behavior. You can throw up any old online loyalty program, hoping it increases sales. But B2B loyalty programs – and this is important – are only as good as the technology that powers it. How can you boost distribution channel partner sales with B2B loyalty software?

Focus on your performance tracking tools.

Distribution channel partners are a hard bunch to wrangle. Running on tight margins, channel partners handle not only your product, but the products of hundreds of other manufacturers. Stand out from the crowd with data-driven sales campaigns that motivate buyers to meet your company’s revenue goals. B2B loyalty software with performance tracking capabilities makes this easy, supplying intelligence on successful promotions, products and regions so that you can tailor specific sales promotions and loyalty program goals to each group based on their capabilities.

Give data, not more services.

Skip the services when they are not what your end-users want. Strategically add value to end-users by empowering your distributors with market insights and data – all pulled from your CRM integrated loyalty program. Doing so supports your distributors and puts you in the position to makes the changes that end-users truly want to see.

Keep lines of communication open and strong.

Where data gives a clear picture of customer personas and distributor activity, consistent communication strengthens your channel partnerships. Effective B2B loyalty software simplifies the communication process, especially with an enrollment platform that allows program participants to enter contact preferences, location, and more. You can unite regionally disparate groups with timely announcements, sales goals, promotions, and market insights.

Incentivize product training.

Let’s put a common myth to rest. Manufacturers assume distribution channel partners know what distinguishes their product from competing wares in the market. Your channel partners juggle margins and the mayhem that comes with partnering with so many manufacturers. Do your company a solid and develop product training that rewards learning. With an incentivized training program, you motivate channel partners to go above and beyond for your product and loyalty program goals.

Beat the competition with convenience.

At the root of effective communication, training, and data reporting is convenience. It’s convenience, or making your distributors and end-customer’s jobs easier, that builds loyalty – not exceptional customer service. To be convenient, a Harvard Business Review article recommends companies reduce obstacles and address future issue that distributors or customers may encounter.

Use incentives to sweeten the deal.

Incentive reward programs tap into the human element of your interactions with channel partners, driving the very sales behaviors you want to see. Develop sales promotions that target specific groups or regions and do so with announcements that single out participants as being part of an exclusive group. According to a HelpScout article, they’re 15% more likely to respond to your call to action if you do. From awarding double points to gamifying surveys, there’s limitless ways to engage and motivate channel partners through a B2B loyalty program.

Be the partner your distributors need to increase sales.

In a fiercely competitive B2B market, manufacturers need new ways to stand out in the marketplace. Your loyalty program may be just the way, but it must be strategic and data-driven to motivate distribution channel partners, increase sales revenue, and expand product marketshare. Just any loyalty program won’t do.